This Game We Call Life

We live in a world now where we get a trophy for just showing up ‘A participants award.’

There’s no 1st or 2nd, No winners or losers

You turn up and you get a trophy.

So that kids don’t get upset or feel left out…

Everybodys equal…

Guess what?

Life doesn’t work this way, Your kids are going to show up in the real world and have a shock when they don’t get rewarded for just turning up..

They’re going to be like ‘Whoa Dude I’m here where my reward’

And life’s just going to give them a Kick in the Face because you didn’t want to hurt your child’s feelings and tell them they lost because the other kid was better…

In life, if you’re not expanding your game, Playing to win then whats the fucking point…

You don’t start a business to say ‘I started one’ No you start one with the hopes its the Next Amazon or Uber…

You play to win…

But you have to work to win.

You can’t just show up and be like ‘whoa wheres my fucking millions’

That attitude you’re going to get ‘Hey your bills are due’ Letter through the post. Because you didn’t do the work and now you can’t pay the bills.

The only trophy you’re going to get is the Declared bankrupt certificate through the post…

At least you showed up…

The Game of Life Is to Expand –

‘If you’re not growing you’re dying’ – Tony Robbins

If you’re not expanding, Wheather thats your business, your skillset, your relationship, your health…

They’re going to die.

You expect your partner to put up with your ‘Hey I showed up – Now reward me’ Bullshit attitude

They will leave (Trust me I know)

You cannot just show up to the gym and not do the work – you will stay Fat or Scrawny

You don’t get a participation award in life.

You have to play the game & Play to win

That is the game of life.

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