Begin by Descending

A blessing and a curse as a human is that we have the ability to think…

Think about our past
Think about our future

The problem is that we often think back to our mistakes and let them cripple us and when we look to our future we contemplate our own mortality and that scares the shit out of most of us…

So we live out our lives trapped inside this bubble fearing not only the future but in fear that we are going to make the past mistakes again…

So inside our comfy little bubble, we stick to the same routines, we do the same things with our friends, we go to the same places, we moan about the same problems (That we secretly love because they’re familiar) we had last week/month and year…

& We just live our lives on repeat

Never growing – Never living – Just existing.

We don’t grow because we remember the past – We remember that fuck up, We remember that Dude/Dudette laughing at us when we asked them out, We remember when our business failed, We remember when we fell over trying something new…

And because we remember –

Remember the pain/embarrassment/the humiliation/ the Struggle…

That we went through way back when – We let those feelings cripple us today.

We tell ourselves stories why we’re not good enough, Why we can’t/won’t try or do it again…

These stories – well Harry Potter is more real than these stories we tell yourself… Yet we believe them anyway.

We believe these stories which stop us from trying…

We stop trying, We stop Growing

We stop growing, We stop living

We stop living the life that could have been and instead we live a life of repetition…

And when the day comes that we eventually pass we realise that we died a long time ago.

We die every time we don’t live each day to its full potential When we don’t Take every opportunity that is presented to us When we replace that opportunity with an excuse or a story

We Die.

What’s left after we die…

Inside our little bubble, we daydream about all the what ifs.

The life that You could be living –

You imagine that’s you in the coffee shop with the girl you ‘Was’ going to ask out instead of the dude who did.

You imagine walking into ‘your’ office of that business you ‘Would Have’ started… Instead your walking into the office of your employers

You imagine what it would be like to feel energised and like how you look – Whilst you stuff that burger of comfort down your throat telling yourself Why you ‘Can’t’ do that.

“Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending. You plan a tower that will pierce the clouds? Lay first the foundation of humility” Saint Augustine

I know all the above feelings because I too told my self some bullshit story well a lot of them actually…

I still do – I still kill my self on the daily.

But every day I get better at silencing the stories – Calling out my own bullshit and getting Real with myself.

‘The Tallest Trees, First Dug Deep’ – (Me I think, Roy Eastham)

Let’s get digging…

In order to grow, we have to meet ourselves where we are at…

No Lying – No Bullshitting – Get Raw with yourself.

When I was working nights, wishing I had more energy, Moaning about my back pain, and The fact I was working nights – Well that’s all I was doing…


When I looked at why I was in that position, Stoped telling Stories

‘Your working nights because you haven’t done shit, You haven’t done anything to start a business but think about it’

‘Your relationship is miserable because you don’t do shit – you just moan that she moans’

‘Your back is killing you because all you do is sit there – you look like shit because you don’t do shit’

If you’re broke – Admit that to yourself
If your fat – Don’t lie to yourself and say you’re big boned

Stop Lying – Get Real

Then we can grow.

If you want to build a business – you first need to know why you’re broke.
Why does your relationship suck
Why are you in pain

Analyse your habits, behaviours and stories

Then build a plan.

I need to lose this amount of weight by then… Break that down it’s not as daunting as it seems…
If I save x each month – I can have enough start-up capital by then

Stop with the bullshit stories
Get Real (and be Raw)
Make a plan
and Execute

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