Why New Years Resolutions Fail & What You Can Do About It

*Originally Written and Posted for my Company Titan Strength Academy *

So it’s just passed that time of the year – You know the end of the last one where many (Maybe you) reflect back on the past 12 months and realise that maybe you’ve not done as much as you could have done.

Now you’re feeling guilty from the past 2 weeks of eating & drinking so you decide that now is a great time to make some Big lifestyle changes.

Some of the most popular ones according to a survey (Who fills them out I don’t know…)

Lose weight (54%)
Save more and spend less (32%)
Learn a new skill or hobby (26%)
Quit smoking (21%)
Read more (17%)
Drink less alcohol (15%)

So around the 1st week of Jan, you embark on your new journey to Greatness, Like Bilbo Baggins leaving the comfort of the Shire for the first time.

Like Bilbo, When you made the decision to quit smoking or lose weight… You made that decision from the comfort of your own home not being aware of the Dragons that lay ahead on your quest.

Your First Battle –

The First Battle is always the hardest because you’re fighting a monster you can’t even see.

The Resistance Monster…

In Steven Pressfield’s book – ‘The War of Art’ he lists some of Resistance Greatest Hits and a lot of them are the enemy of our New Years Resolutions… I’ll list some of them

– Any health regimen
– Education of any kind
– Any program of spiritual advancement
– The launching of any entrepreneurial venture for profit

Basically, the resistance monster will fight anything that does not give us instant gratification. So if you plan on doing anything that will give you long-term growth, Health, Integrity etc well then prepare to know how Darth Vader felt when an army ‘The Resistance’ tried to stop his plans.

It’s easy saying that we’re going to do X, Y & Z This year when we’re in the warmth of our own home or slightly tipsy at 1 minute past midnight on January 1st, Not knowing about this resistance monster…

The problem with this Monster is that it lives within us… It’s self-generated – The Enemy Within.

When we say that we’re going to go for a run at 6am , we forget that it’s going to be super cosy and warm in our beds at 6am… We forget that this demon inside is going to say ‘Nah let’s have five more minutes… Or when we get to the front door and its freezing out, The enemy within is going to say ‘Hey turn around bro lets go get some extra kip.’

Silencing that demon is only the first battle…

You’ve managed to slay the resistance beast and you get to the gym, You don’t really know what you’re doing and there are people there, This world is Alian to you…

‘Like why are their dudes wearing what you can only describe as a G-String as a top walking around like they own the place, Complaining because you weren’t there in November…

And what’s with the stationary bikes… Do I really have to sit on here for hours on end staring at the wall… Geez boring

And who the f*ck is this Sally trying to sell me some weight management miracle mirror…

Man this is overwhelming and I’ve not even started work yet & What the hell do I eat maybe I should just buy that ‘Smart’ Mirror…’

Some of the thoughts that may run through your head on your quest

The reason most resolutions fail is that people don’t have a plan of action or a map to follow…

They just run through unknow grounds hoping to find Mordor and end all evil without running into orcs (Lord of the Rings Reference again sorry)

But those Orcs are out there, So are the Dragons and Wolves too…

They come in the form of daily struggles which awaken That resistance monster < Yeah this asshole is back trying to make you seek comfort and drop all of your goals.

Oh and if you manage to make progress guess what you awaken other peoples Resistance monsters… They don’t like it that your actually doing something with your self and you make them feel bad, so they try to bring you down like a bunch of crabs in a bucket and stop whatever it is your making some progress in…

‘If we ain’t doing anything with ourself neither are you’

And these people are supposed to be our friends and family…

Not having a plan of action leaves you destined for failure –

Many try to change their whole lifestyle overnight…

It’s overwhelming, It’s confusing and it’s just too much at once all while trying to earn a living and look after your families as well.

No wonder 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February.

The New Year War Map –
Saying you’re going to lose weight and eat healthily is not good enough, Neither is saying you’re going to quit smoking… tomorrow.

It’s like trying to learn to swim in a whole on a frozen lake…

Also known as F*ck That! That’s enough to turn your little monster of resistance into some mean green Hulk…

If Frodo didn’t have the Fellowship to help guide him he probably would of let his inner resistance talk him into turning back to the comforts of the Shire.

Map It Out…

How much weight do you want to lose and by when? When do you want to completely quit smoking by…

I want to lose 20lbs by March.

When you break that down that’s less than 2lbs per week.

Sounds a lot easier right?

Break it down further…

How are you going to achieve this?

I’m going to work out 3x per week before work.

You get the point right…

Instead of diving head first, into a pool of ice without thinking about what you’re going to do, sit down and break it down, Map out the uncharted land and plan for the route ahead Then execute that plan.

If you feel like you need your very own Gandalf or Yoda to help guide you on your journey to destroy the Death Star (Or your New Years Resolution equivalent)

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Happy New Year

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