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Instagram Motivation 2

A week in review from @titan_strength_academy

All post was written by Yours Truly

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‘Great things never came from comfort zones.’ Neil Strauss

Imagine how comfortable the Wright Brothers we’re when they defied the laws of gravity for the first time… ⠀

Probably not very but look what came out of that (The plane.)⠀

You don’t have to risk your life and build a plane but imagine what great things you can do if you get a little uncomfortable…⠀

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We deserve this…

‘You deserve what your going through. You would rather become good tomorrow than be good today’

Book 8 – 21 – Marcus Aurelius Mediations

I love this quote from Meditations, ‘You deserve what your going through’

We as human beings are the only thing on this planet that won’t do what it’s capable of…

We don’t do the work.

If you block off an Ant with an object it will find a way around or over – Or it will die trying.

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This Game We Call Life

We live in a world now where we get a trophy for just showing up ‘A participants award.’

There’s no 1st or 2nd, No winners or losers

You turn up and you get a trophy.

So that kids don’t get upset or feel left out…

Everybodys equal…

Guess what?

Life doesn’t work this way, Your kids are going to show up in the real world and have a shock when they don’t get rewarded for just turning up..

They’re going to be like ‘Whoa Dude I’m here where my reward’

And life’s just going to give them a Kick in the Face because you didn’t want to hurt your child’s feelings and tell them they lost because the other kid was better…

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Instagram Motivation

A week in review from @titan_strength_academy

All post was written by Yours Truly

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Post 1 –

‘Begin now to be what you will be hereafter.’ –  Saint Jerome
Who you want to be in the future, How you want to look and feel, What you want to do or become, Will always be in the future unless you start now.
Post 2 –
‘We have to do the best we are capable of. This is our sacred human responsibility’ – Albert Einstein
Humans are the only living thing on this planet who don’t perform to the best they possibly can. Look at an Ant colony you never see them putting off the days tasks till tomorrow.
Why do we?

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