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How To Create Lasting Change

I wrote this a year ago, I still think it’s an awesome read and totally relevant for this time of year… As proof that the concepts I discuss work, In the Blog Post I talk about Wanting to start my own company…. 12 Months later I have two.

Level Up Your Life

Inspired by Tony Robbins – Awaken the Giant Within

Many of us go through life wanting change, We want to change to better our lives whether that’s through more money, Better health or better quality of relationships and so on. After all Virtually everything we do is to change the way we feel – Tony Robbins.

Now new year is fast approaching you’ll notice everyone’s ‘new year new me status’ – Maybe you’ll write one.. But when we see them or even when you write it you and everyone else is thinking ‘Bullshit.’ I normally find it’s the same people writing the same or similar worded status each time. Or throughout the year you’ll notice people’s status like ‘New Job, Loving Life, Can’t believe I got my dream job So Happy Right Now like OMG’ then 6 months later they’re stressed out and looking for a new job. The same…

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You Can’t Saw Sawdust

When cutting wood you get sawdust as a byproduct,
If the woodcutter made a mistake they would not cry over the mistake

or try and glue the sawdust back together.

They would just pick up a new piece of wood and learn from there mistake

Well in life you are the woodcutter and your actions are the wood, The sawdust is the past,

Like wood, once it’s been cut your actions cannot be changed…

You can sit and dwell over the sawdust you’ve created or you can pick up a new piece of wood and carry on with your life,

Don’t Cry Over Sawdust

Focus On Cutting Your Wood