The Salary Or The Convenience

So I had a little rant the other day about a photo I saw on Facebook…

I shouldn’t have let this bother me but I did,

It just winds me up that people moan about CEOs, MDs etc…

The ‘It’s alright for them’ Mentality…

And the issue is within the post ‘A Reality show CEO where live off their lowest earners salary’

But they often forget the sacrifices, The risks that the CEOs, Entrapaneraurs go through in order to that position, that level of wealth in the first place…

The all-nighters coding, Sleeping in their cars like Robert Kiyosaki, Arnold Schwarzenegger whilst being a full-time bodybuilder went to (I could be wrong) 3 different night schools in different states so he could study different topics, Had a bricklaying job, Went to acting school all before he got rich.

Tony Robbins had to choose between a desk or a bed when he first started his business (He slept on a hammock above his desk.)

Here’s an Idea… Stop fucking watching the T.V if you’re not happy with your wage and do something about it.

And before you throw the excuse ‘I don’t want to run a big company’… It’s nearly 2018 – You can make money from your laptop if you put a little time in…

You either want the salary or the convenience but you can’t have both – Not at first

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