The Curse

It’s funny when you realise how much you have grown as a person.

When a situation that would of sent you into a negative thinking frenzy and ruined your week may be the month until the situation goes away, but now you just look at and laugh…

Like ok cool, I’ll handle what I can and the stuff out of my control is out of my control so I don’t need to worry about that.

But you don’t realise just how much you’ve grown and changed until you spend some time with the people that haven’t.

“The difference between a warrior and an ordinary man is that a warrior sees everything as a challenge, while an ordinary man sees everything as either a blessing or a curse.” – Don Juan

‘The Eastham Family Curse’ – Were words that came out of my Uncles mouth…

He meant it too, Like my Families got a curse on it because a few ‘Inconvenient’ things happen too us,

Hardly makes us cursed,

Yeah I’ve just got a speeding ticket for a car I don’t even own anymore, My cousins just been charged tax and my mother got underpaid all in the same week…

But compared to most were quite well off, we have a roof and food on our plates…

It’s uplifting because I used to think like that and Life was pretty miserable everything being a blessing or a curse…

Always having to earn or achieve something or some sort of status in order to feel good ‘Or Blessed’

But god forbid anything goes wrong…

One step for a good life is to accept that things are going to go wrong and they are out of your control,

You just need to handle the stuff you can control to the best of your ability and not worry about the stuff you can’t..

It sounds simple but when you see everything as a blessing or a curse its hard to find a ladder to climb out of your own mind and see things for what they really are

You have to train yourself to be a Warrior in the face of adversity

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