The Problem with the Law of Attraction

You spent hours putting together your vision board, Full of nice cars, big houses, your dream partner, cash, travels and whatever else you think will make you happy…

You go to sleep imagining how your days going to go tomorrow Browsing the catalogue of the universe (The secret)…

You imagine waking up to a check in the mail, your partner buying you flowers, then you sail to work with no traffic on the roads and all the lights are green on the way, Your boss is in a great mood and you get that promotion…Untitled design (4).png

You start to choose the dream car and imagine how it will feel driving it around, and how it will feel walking into your new house bigger house with the unicorns and fairies…

After weeks and weeks of spending every minute being positive trying to attract your dream life, You wake to find that you are still in your 2-bed apartment, With your normal car sat outside, You go downstairs to find that your partner hasn’t bought you flowers and that you still have not attracted a check in the mail but a bill instead…

You start to resent your apartment because it does not have the features of your dream palace or whatever, Your car which works fine isn’t the one you want, like your apartment you start to hate driving it.

Your partner isn’t acting the way you visualised they would so your relationship starts to dwindle too.

Every day you sit in the same traffic even though you visualised it wouldn’t be there…

How could this be so… Maybe its because I’m not being positive enough

Or maybe its because no matter how positive you are life still happens.

And you are trying to control the uncontrollable
and because you can’t control the uncontrollable instead of creating that dream life you are in fact creating a living hell for yourself.

Unless you’re expecting a large check then you ain’t going to get a large check – The universe won’t just send one out to you just because you visualised it.
:// Side note – Just to contradict myself Slightly – I once received a check in the mail… It was for ¬£14:50. It wasn’t life-changing, It wasn’t because I attracted it – It was because I had overpaid in tax and the money was just being returned to me.

You start expecting your partner to buy you things like flowers, even though they have never done in the past – you will start to resent them for not buying you flowers or whatever – you start to ignore all the good they do for you because its become familiar and start to expect more from them…

You expect there to be no traffic because you have visualised it yet every day for the last five years there has been traffic – What do you expect to happen…

The fact is that if you just visualise something without actually working towards achieving it then it’s not going to happen.

You visualise a promotion or getting your dream job – But you don’t have the right skill or you don’t apply, then you are not going to get it. Also if you are lazy and your half-arsed employee then the chances are you’re going to get fired not promoted.

If you expect your partner to change after being together for four years yet you yourself are not doing anything on your end to spark that change then nothing going to happen.

Whether you have visualised it or not you cannot control outcomes – you can only control your actions…

You can’t decide whether your employers will promote or fire you, the investors will invest in you or not, You can only control your effort you put in.

The same goes for how your partner will act in the relationship, On whether you get checks in the mail or not…

You cannot visualise yourself thin or muscular without putting the work in – your more likely to visualise your self into a heart attack if you don’t get off the sofa…Untitled design (3).png

What Happens if You Do Get What You have Visualised…

Well – Well done if you have got that far.

I think that you’ll find though that getting what you have visualised won’t bring you happiness… or it will give you a short burst of happiness then you will then start to feel the same way about the things you have attracted as you did about the things you had when you were visualising what you now have.

Let use weight loss for example…

You visualised hitting your target weight & you worked to hit it (otherwise you ain’t getting anything remember)

You might feel proud for a short while, But then you’ll become accustomed to how you look and feel and then want to look even better.

You get that promotion only to find that the reality of it is that you have to work 10x as hard and it’s not what you imagine…. You eventually get used to the paycheck and will soon desire more.

You launch your business and for a few days you feel proud – until you realise that the customers don’t just walk in, so now you have to learn marketing, as well as hire and fire staff and sort through invoices etc.

What we envision in our heads is just a vision of what reality will be like, we only include what we want to see and miss out the nitty gritty ‘Real Life’ Aspects…

The car, the house, will all become familiar as the two bed flat, you will desire bigger and faster cars… Newer handbags hoping that these externals will bring happiness (They will but only for a short period of time)

How to make ‘The Law of Attraction’ work for you…

It’s good to have a vision of where you want life to be but realise that it won’t bring you long-term happiness…

You first have to visualize what you want but then you actually have to work to get it…

Realise that you can only control your actions and how you feel about it – When you visualise getting that promotion or winning the trophy (AND THEN YOU HAVE GIVEN YOUR 100% To Get It) that that is all you can do – you don’t control the outcome, You do your best and that’s it, That’s your job done.

Appreciate what you already have because you might actually lose it all instead. And if you attract say a new car for example just remember that those feelings will soon dwindle and feel like the one you already have.

I’ll be writing a second part to this so look out for it

Untitled design (4).png

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