Create Life Actively

One day your 20 years old, fresh out of college eagerly looking at taking on the world… Before you know it your 40 years old, Sat in the same office you captured when you was 25 Wondering where the last 20 years went.

Every day you have the same routine… You Awake, shower, breakfast, dash off to Starbucks then work.

The slight change in routine is when you go away for a couple of weeks to see the world… or sit by the pool every day and just see the beach from your hotel.

If something goes wrong its a curse – the whole world is against you…

How dare there be a traffic jam… How dare my tire be flat, The boiler has broken down…

Looking out of the window of your office you realise that you’re not really living you’re just existing, Enduring from one day to the next

Waiting to see where life will take you next…

I wonder if I’ll get that promotion, I wonder if I’ll get invited to the company retreat this year…

Your friend on the other hand –

Has just come back from 6 months in Europe – They’ve learnt to speak French and German, embraced new culters and somehow managed to make more money than you…

They faced hardships whilst being far from home but instead of blaming the world, They embraced them like you would when you get a new puppy…

The difference between you and your friend is that you live passively, waiting for things to happen to you, so you can react to it… You simply exist.

Your friend creates life actively… They seek out new challenges, They educate themselves, then implement what they have learnt, Then they learn some more.

When you’re looking back on your life – you don’t want the highlight to be the boiler breaking down.

Actively look to create your life… Live It, Don’t Just Simply Exsisit.

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