Finding Time




The supply of time, though gloriously regular, is cruelly restricted

The supply of time, though gloriously regular, is cruelly restricted

The supply of time, though gloriously regular, is cruelly restricted

– Sorry had to let that sink in –

24 hours a day comes around every day it’s a regular supply and we act as if we have an infinite supply of these 24 hours,

As Arnold states as wonderful as they come round every day – One day our supply will be cut.

The great message in this chapter is that when we’re low on money we find a way to get by – we make some cuts here and there, we work a little harder and eventually, we get back to even, There’s always a way to make more money –

But if we overspend our time we cannot get that back – Once it’s gone it’s gone.

– ‘I just Can’t Find The Time’
– ‘Where does the time go’
-‘I’m too busy’

We’ve all said them (In fact as I type this I’m grinning at the amount I’ve personally used it)

Going back I could never find the time to try an improve myself (Wheather that was reading or doing my coursework)

Yet I had the time to spend 12 hours a day on Battlefield 3 or complete whichever GTA game was out at the time (4 I think) –

Or If the ‘Boys’ were going out or on the rare occasion I managed to get a date (It still is a very rare occasion.) I would find time to get ready, shower, shave, Pick her up, take her for a meal (Probably Pizza Hut or Maccies) then awkwardly chill on the prom before dropping her off and the driving back home to watch tv or spend some hours on the PlayStation…

Yet I still couldn’t find the time to do anything productive.

The average day –

We spend what we perceive as the whole day at work, We wake up a measly few hours beforehand to eat, wash and commute to work, Then once the workday has finished we say the days over.

– After the workday is over you might go for a few drinks with friends to wind down
-Pick up the kids from school, get them home and fed
-Go to the gym

Then once the mad days out of the way we lounge around in idleness (browse Facebook, Watch tv etc) for the remaining hours of the day before we retire to bed

“Many people pursue a regular and uninterrupted course of idleness in the evenings because they think that there is no alternative to idleness but the study of literature, and they do not happen to have a taste for literature. This is a great mistake.” – Arnold Bennett



When it comes down to the thought of self-improvement we just don’t have the energy – we would rather sit down and watch tv to unwind over improving the mind or learning something that could get them out of the rat race and give them all the time and energy they want to watch tv…

As I stated before though – We do have that time and that energy because if we wanted to go out with friends or go on a date,

We would find the Time.

“We are in control of the one asset that we all give the most f**ks about, and that is time.” – Gary Vaynerchuk




So back to the title – How do we find the time?

Well, we can’t find the time there are only 24 hours in a day – But if you want that better life, That you dream of. If you want that promotion but lack the skills. If you want that business or personal brand then you already have the time you’re just wasting it.

‘We shall never have more time. We have, and always had, all the time there is. No object is served in waiting until next week or even until tomorrow. Keep going… Concentrate on something useful.’



If we can find the time to go on a date or hang out with friends then we can certainly find the time to work on that thing that we want most out of life.

If you work 9-5 and then spend 6-8 with your kids then you need to work on your business, skill, whatever it is in that time where you would normally watch the soaps.

One final point – it’s 2018, I bet on your commute to work you have access to one of the following –

Car radio

I’m right, right?
Your smartphone/laptop can download apps like audible, ebooks – You can get a whole range of books straight on to your phone in personal development/ area of the skill or business you want to learn.

So you can read and listen on your journey (NETime – No extra time) You can also listen to audible while doing your household chores like cleaning or cooking.

So in your spare hour you don’t have to learn – you can just implement

There are no excuses.
There are no second chances



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