The Way To Get Started…

We can all talk and think about what we’re going to do, How we’re going to do it and when it’s going to be done.

But the majority of the time When its all said and done – a lot more is said than done.

Whilst sat here planning what I’m writing about this week – I’ve picked up my phone at least 1x to check Instagram… Oh, my desk needs cleaning… Oh, I’ve not read today’s page in the Daily Stoic.

“The Way Get Started Is To Quit Talking And Begin Doing.” (1)

Looking to my left I have the book ‘Start Now Get Perfect Later’ staring at me (Rob Moore) a book on Overcoming Procrastination.

I left it there specifically for this reason.

See we can spend hours/days/months or even years thinking about what we should be doing.

Or we can just start doing them and save years of our life and just get it done.

Writing this took about 10 minutes, Going to the gym takes what an hour 2 at the most.

You feel better, Look better and once you’re there it’s actually quite fun.

And you have 23 hours to procrastinate on something else…

Stop Talking – Just Do.


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