Winning Is Not Enough

“The Way Get Started Is To Quit Talking And Begin Doing.” (2)

We all know that one person that seems to breeze through everything without planning it, Without studying or even putting any effort in.

You spend what seems like a lifetime studying for an exam putting pressure and stressing yourself out yet they just rock up on the day and Ace it…

You work your ass off all day every day yet this other person gets the promotion and they hardly ever do anything…


Well, those people are not our concern – We cannot control how much effort they put in and we cannot control whether they win or not.

We also cannot control whether we win or not, Pass that test or not or get that promotion.

Whether you’re going in for that title fight or Physique composition –
The outcome is not in our control.

We can only control our efforts.

Whether we’re facing down bankruptcy and angry customers, or raking in money and deciding how to grow from here, if we do our best we can be proud of our choices and confident they’re the right ones. Because we did our job We did our best —whatever it is.

I’ll leave you with Bryan Cranston (Shortened) Advice to fellow actors

“An actor is supposed to create a compelling interest in the character that serves the text, presented in the environment where your audition happens, and then you walk away. And that’s it. Everything else is out of your control so don’t even think of it. Don’t focus on that. You’re not going there to get a job. You’re there to present what you do. You act. And there it is. Walk away. There is power in that. There is confidence in that. And it’s also saying I can only do so much. And then the decision of who might get a job is so out of your control that when you analyze it, it makes no sense to hold onto that.”

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