Knowing Is Not Enough

“Knowing Is Not Enough; We Must Apply. Wishing Is Not Enough; We Must Do.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Btw… How cool is that dudes name >>> Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

We all know what to do and we all know what we have to do…

Yet we find ourselves daydreaming about what our lives could be like instead of taking the steps towards actually living that life…

We know that we should probably have a bottle of water instead of that
2nd Caramel Frappuccino at lunch…

If Oppurtunity Doesn't Knock (6)

We know that we should probably turn the tv off 2 hours earlier and actually have a good nights sleep…

But we don’t.

When I wanted to start a property business, I read 11 property books and attended 2 events

At the events I was like Yeah I Know About That – Yet I sat their broke and property-less

Because I knew but didn’t apply and I procrastinated instead of Doing.

Fast forward a little-

I (well me and my business partner) have put in offers on countless properties Included a whole block of apartments and we know control one without owning it.

Because we applied what we knew.

When I worked as a Personal Trainer – I was the scrawniness (I have no clue whether or not I spelt that right btw) dude in the gym.

I had thousands of pounds worth of knowledge but I didn’t apply it to myself – You can imagine how that affected the business (Actually you can read about it HERE)


You can read all the fitness posts in the world and say to yourself ‘You Know That’

But until you start doing – You will always be wishing you look how you want to look.

You can read all the relationship advice in the world but until you apply it to your relationship – It will always be struggling

You get the point

Stop wishing – Start Doing

(You Actually Learn More Doing It Anyway)



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