Build Things Up In Real Life

I know you’re daydreaming about having a fantastic body, a thinner face, smaller hips, defined abs, and whatever else you want. I know you can picture yourself having conquered your cravings and mastered your diet and feeling better and being more than ever before.

And that can be fun. That’s one of the first steps.
But actually doing it and having it and being it…well, how would that feel?

If Oppurtunity Doesn't Knock (2)

When you’re a novice at something—for example, healthy living—it’s outrageously tempting to want to be perfect. You want to get it right all at once rather than find your stride, invest in mistakes, and master the major principles.


Trying to do everything “100%” is a deadly gamble and often a major contributor to early-stage fatigue, burnout, and/or giving up.

Think of it this way: if soon after picking up a Skateboard for the first time you’re already frustrated because you still can’t do Kickflip like Tony Hawk, you’ll automatically toss the Board aside, reject deep practice, and remo


ve yourself from the process before you’ve actually learned how to ride the board at the most basic level. We must build a foundation and then grow from there.

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