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Don’t Go Expecting Perfection

You don’t book a block of driving lessons and expect to be a perfect driver on the 1st, Otherwise, you wouldn’t have needed to book the rest, You know going in that you will need to learn and practice over time…

You can work in the same job, same industry for years and still encounter new problems, your staff can phone in sick, your tills might crash, you know everything not going to go perfectly every day…

Let's be social.

Yet in other areas of life, you expect perfection… Or wait for the perfect conditions which is like waiting for every traffic light to be green before you start driving…

Don’t let minor obstacles stop you from doing your job…

So what if you don’t have the ‘right’ gym shoes, So what if you didn’t eat as well as you should have done, Or the diet didn’t go exactly as planned…

Everythings a lesson, Learn from them, Tweak where needed and try again…

Does anything in life go 100% as planned anyway… No, but that’s no reason to quit or worse… Not start.

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