Difficulties Strengthen The Mind…

“Difficulties Strengthen The Mind, As Labor Does The Body.” – SENCECA

Exercise makes you stronger both physically and mentally.

When you’re tired before you walk into the gym and you would just rather go home and lounge around but you push yourself to go… Then you have the workout.

You’re pushing yourself through each set by pure grit, Each rep you want to give up and call it a day but you push through.

“Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labour does the body.”.png

A couple of months later those hard workouts are now your warm-ups and you have new challenges heavier weights, harder workouts, faster sprints…

The mental strength you get through exercise helps you in everyday life as well, When the going gets tough and everything seems to go wrong normally you would give up or break down but now you have a new sense of discipline, you’re used to challenges and you can handle them better

And you know once you’ve got through one of life’s Reps you’re going to be able to handle the whole Set with ease.

Exercise isn’t just Physical Labour – Its Mental Labour too.

– Roy


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