Your Greatest Weakness…

They say never make the same mistake twice – You should learn from it,
But that’s easier said then done right, Otherwise, we would always learn from our mistakes and that saying wouldn’t even exist.

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How To Priorotise The Important Things In Life

We’ve all heard the story of the philosophy professor who stood up before his class with a large empty mayonnaise jar. (If you haven’t google it)

He fills it with Rocks, Pebbles and Sand and some variations of the story have water too…


How To Prioritise TThe.png


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Remember, Today Is The Tomorrow You Worried About Yesterday

If your anything like me or like I used to be you can’t help but worry about what’s coming tomorrow…


(Tomorrow being an example of a scenario in the near future that you can’t avoid)

You worry so much about that certain scenario, It’s all you think about all day every day, It consumes you.

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