Busy Fool

Have you ever had one of those days where you get to the end of it and think ‘What have I done today.’

You’ve been busy but achieved nothing, Jumping from one task to another then starting another before finishing that one…

How To Prioritise TThe (2).png


Well, you’ve probably been on a diet or exercise program that has ended the same –

This isn’t working, Let start this one, Oh that diet looks interesting let’s try that… Oh no I still can’t lose/gain weight…

My legs won’t grow (My personal cry)

You jump from task to task or diet to diet, program to program without even giving them a chance to work…

For example – I’m trying to write and schedule the content for the week at the same time I’m responding to messages and booking in viewings for another business and sort documents out and just been on the phone at the same time…

You can guess how much I’ve got done… Nothing

Actually, I lie I started procrastinating and watching funny dog videos on Instagram (My bad)

But that’s what being a Busy Fool does – We start something, Get distracted, Start something else or that same thing again, then get distracted start it again…

You get nowhere and starting and stopping the same thing or different things are pretty exhausting

Like in the tortoise and the hare video below – The tortoise slow and steadily keeps moving forward and gets to the finish line the hare keeps getting distracted and well gets nowhere… No matter how fast it moves (It’s a busy fool)

Here are some practical tips on How To Not Be A Busy Fool.

1. Get the most important things done first – Eat That Frog! – As Brian Tracey says… Just start now, If that’s going to the gym or getting your meal prep done then do it – you’ll feel better once done and motivated to get more stuff done

2 F.O.C.U.S – Follow one course until Successful (Rob Moore) this could be follow the diet your on until reached the desired result to getting all your content written and scheduled (That’s Mine) – Diet and exercise obviously takes time but tasks like mine work 25-30 minutes without any distractions then take a smaller 5 minutes to break then back to it for another 25-30 minutes until outcome reached.

3. Stop Distractions – This is becoming my personal favourite and in my example before I broke my own rule and became distracted. Its simple don’t check anything put your phone on silent or mute it, don’t check social media or your emails and just get your work done… Health and Fitness wise – Get your program and stick it out, don’t look for the next best thing, or what your friends doing F.O.C.U.S on your plan and your plan only be the tortoise Slow and Steady.

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