Negative Goal Setting…

Goals – Goals – Goals…

We’ve all set them, We’ve all planned on sticking to them and we’ve all dropped them – New Years would be a perfect example of this…

We all know the positives of what hitting these goals are & that’s normally what we have in mind when setting them in the super motivated state that we were in… right?

‘Yeah I’m going to look soo good when I do ‘X, Y & Z”
‘Yeah, I’ll feel like ‘A, B & C’ once I do…”

And the positives are what we have in mind when setting these goals –

What if you set goals with the negatives in mind…

What I mean is if you don’t hit or stick to this goal then what is your life going to look like in 5 years – 10 years or even 1 year…

Examples – ‘If I don’t lose some weight now, I might gain a few pounds within the next year or just look the same however in 5 years I could develop diabetes’

‘If I don’t do something about my income now I won’t be able to afford to retire’

Avoiding pain is more powerful than gaining pleasure (Tony Robbins)

I quit drinking energy drinks after my kidneys tried to kill me (Pain)

I only started to workout again because I was breathing heavy and didn’t want to look like my supervisor at the time …

Both of these times I looked to the future and saw the pain of what my habits would of led me too…

Kidney failure, Another trip to the hospital, More excruciating pain…
Overweight, Diabetes, Lethargic, Struggled to move more than a couple of feet without having a breather ect..

Task – Write down 200 reasons Negative reasons of Not Hitting your goal.

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