Climb The Right Wall

“There is perhaps nothing worse than reaching the top of the ladder and discovering that you’re on the wrong wall.”

From school, you’re pretty much forced into picking the subjects which will be stuck with us throughout the rest of our lives…

Happy birthday, Cancer!.png

You pick your A-levels or GCSEs so you can go to college and study that subject or a very similar one so that you can go study that at university so that you can get a job (If you’re lucky) in that area of work so that you can work your way up to the top…

Throughout this process your placing huge amounts of stress on yourself and basing your happiness on the results…

‘I’ll be happy when I get into college’ .. ‘I’ll be happy once I pass Uni with a 2-1 (or however they grade them) ‘I need to get into this ‘Firm” ‘Once I reach this position’

You get the point right?

You get to the top and think is this it, Now what?

Nothing in life happens in single accordances (Does that make sense)

You reach firm partner by age 45 but along the line of moving up this ladder without really questioning anything else you neglect other things in life, Family, Health, Social, Vocation etc…,

Your 45 – You have no real hobbies, you don’t really have a social life outside of work and because you put every ounce of effort into reaching the position of firm partner you don’t have a relationship or an unhappy one…

(That’s if you make it to the top of the ladder as well – imagine if failed)

You’ve invested too much into this goal for the result of happiness yet when you reach the top of the ladder and sit down to enjoy the view you realise that this isn’t where you wanted your life to be…

You were so focused on the next step and the next step and then the next step – You forgot to look at where your foot was in that moment and that moment passed you bye…

To conclude – Achieving a goal isn’t guaranteed to make you happy
and a goal is just a means to an end – Tony Robbins.

Investing too of yourself into a goal means that you’re going to neglect other areas of your life and when you hit that goal – it doesn’t mean you’re going to be happy either & there’s a very big possibility that you will fail as well…

Goals are good but don’t neglect other areas of your life and don’t associate your identity with that goal… Make sure you’re on the right wall.

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