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F**K Motivation

Motivation doesn’t last

Motivation normally pops ups when you least expect it at the most inconvenient time possible..

Like at 11:30 pm right before you hit the sheets and Bam… Outta nowhere your super siked & motivated and want to go to the gym…

But when its time to actually go your old buddy ‘Motivation’ Well…

You’ve got better chances of seeing a Concord doing backflips being piloted by a monkey with a pet hamster than motivation showing up.

If you’re relying on motivation alone to get started or keep going well you’ve got better chances of seeing a Concord doing backflips being piloted by a monkey with a pet hamster than you getting started or staying committed.

(This is not just related to diet and fitness either, Business, Work, Relationships, New Skills whatever it is you want to or know you should do)

So how do you stay motivated?

If you find the answer please tell me because motivation keeps standing me up (Seriously motivation I’m going to start seeing other people if you carry on)

But as Zig says – Motivate yourself daily

This could be anything from motivational quotes to gratitude, Here are some I use daily if not at a minimum weekly.

Accountability – I’m lazy as hell, If it was up to me I would be slaying dragons on Skyrim all day every day but I have multiple accountability partners From business partners to coaches so if I don’t do what I’d say I’d do well I have to explain why I haven’t done whatever it is and potentially hold people back.. This in itself is a great motivator especially if your like me and hate having to explain yourself.

You’ve got better chances of seeing a Concord doing backflips being piloted by a monkey with a pet hamster than motivation showing up.

Tips – Post on Social media what your goals are and ask people to make sure you update your actions weekly. Hire a coach to not only guide you on the fastest, most effective way to hit your goal but to make sure you turn up when motivation doesn’t (I hit the majority of my personal bests when I didn’t want to be in the gym.)

Audio – The greats like Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar have left a legacy behind for all of us to benefit from listening to them on audible (While out on a walk or driving (when I had a car)) Is a great way to get some motivation in and it takes up no extra time

Tips – Find a podcast/Audiobook or even a motivational album of your favourite author/ celebrity or motivational speaker, that you can listen to whilst your driving, walking, cooking wherever you have access to headphones or speakers – It takes no extra time. Roy Recommends – Rich Dad Poor Dad (Book), Anything by Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Rob Moore (Speakers)

Finally Your Purpose – Why do you want to do what you want to do…

Everyones is going to be different, It could be wanting to be healthy so you can see your kids grow up, Earn enough money so you travel the world and politely hand in your notice to your boss (or not so politely 😉 )

Having a purpose digs in deeper than having just a goal it’s like putting Monster Truck wheels on a Nissan Micra – It’s a whole lot bigger

Whatever your purpose write it down, surround your self with visual affirmations of your purpose i.e. pictures of your family, the country you want to travel to etc…

Hope this helps

P.s. This took ages to write because I lost motivation half way through (Ironic ay)

P.s.s I also don’t know whether monster truck wheels on a Nissan Micra is functional so don’t try it, It was just an example – Ok Cool 🙂

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