A Routine That Works For You

Unless your a newborn baby I think its a pretty safe bet that we’ve all been super motivated to set an alarm for 5 am so we can go workout first thing in the morning

Not only are you trying to change your diet and fitness habits you’re trying to change your whole life routine as well

Out of sheer willpower, you maybe stick at this for a week or 2 before you finally say F*%k This.

Remember, Today Is The Tomorrow You Worried About Yesterday (1).png

Then you feel guilty and or lazy because you would rather sleep in..

Those early birds, The superstar grafters who make sure to post what they’ve achieved before 5:30 am… Just to rub it in a little more

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to get up stupidly early to get stuff done.

I’ve learnt more in the past 12months than I ever did at college, school and uni altogether – Why,

Because school, college and uni all required me to be up before midday and most of my days were this energy drink-fueled blur because I don’t function well in the AM

Now I tend to read in my own time which results in me learning more – therefore achieving more

I workout late at night normally around 11 pm if not later and if you see me working out in what you early birds call super early in the morning (4-7am) it’s a safe bet that I’ve been awake for 15hours and therefore is a late workout for me.

It’s not the most practical being a night owl but its when I function best (I’m just assuming I’m in the wrong time zone and I’m going to use it as an excuse to move to different time zone – Winning right there)

The fact that I get to work/read/train – whatever it is in my own time when im the most ‘functional’ means I’m more productive, Get more done, enjoy it more and stick at it longer.

That’s why it’s so important that you do the same…

There’s no point in making yourself miserable forcing yourself up at 5 am just to work out when you’re going to quit in a few weeks…

In Rob Moores Routine = Results Book (About a Fiver on Amazon)

It’s a whole (Short) book on finding the best routine that works for you

In that book, he has what he calls a 21-day energy log –

The concept is simple you create a spreadsheet and chunk 30-minute slots from the minute you wake to the minute you go to sleep.

In those chunks, you record your energy levels (L – Lethargic, S- Steady, E – Energetic or F – If you were on fire (productivity wise not literally))

Over 21 days you should start to see a pattern of when your most energetic and not and from there you can build your routine.

If your a night owl don’t try to be a lion (early risers)Find the best routine for you.


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