Your Greatest Weakness…

They say never make the same mistake twice – You should learn from it,
But that’s easier said then done right, Otherwise, we would always learn from our mistakes and that saying wouldn’t even exist.

How To Prioritise TThe (1).png

We make the same mistakes over and over but at the same time were also doing the same things that are making us stronger and stronger the more we perform them – Ying and Yang.

You might make the same dieting mistakes as last time because you don’t have the time to learn proper training and nutrition tactics because you’re too busy getting stronger at your job or being a great parent to a toddler.

The good news about your mistakes (weakness whatever you want to call them) is that there is someone out there who is good at them.

If you’re great at analytics and spreadsheets, deal analysing and so on but your not so great at the person to person stuff there is someone out there who is that you could partner up with and leverage each other skills.

If you’re great at the love and affection side of Parenting but not so great at the stricter side of things well your partner might be (This is also leveraging each other.)

You can keep doing what you’re good at and enjoy it whilst developing your strength further and well the weaknesses are getting done for you…

The same goes for your health and fitness – You don’t have to know everything or anything about dieting or training because there are people who are great at that stuff

To conclude – Don’t beat yourself up about making the same mistake i.e falling for another fat loss fad, or making the same bad business decision or whatever because there’s a lot of areas where your making boss decisions and killing it in that area of your life, And for the areas you are making the poor decisions or ‘mistakes’.. If you only learn one thing from them it should be ‘I need to leverage this out’

– Roy

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