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Negative Goal Setting…

Goals – Goals – Goals…

We’ve all set them, We’ve all planned on sticking to them and we’ve all dropped them – New Years would be a perfect example of this…

We all know the positives of what hitting these goals are & that’s normally what we have in mind when setting them in the super motivated state that we were in… right?

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F**K Motivation

Motivation doesn’t last

Motivation normally pops ups when you least expect it at the most inconvenient time possible..

Like at 11:30 pm right before you hit the sheets and Bam… Outta nowhere your super siked & motivated and want to go to the gym…

But when its time to actually go your old buddy ‘Motivation’ Well…

You’ve got better chances of seeing a Concord doing backflips being piloted by a monkey with a pet hamster than motivation showing up.

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A Routine That Works For You

Unless your a newborn baby I think its a pretty safe bet that we’ve all been super motivated to set an alarm for 5 am so we can go workout first thing in the morning

Not only are you trying to change your diet and fitness habits you’re trying to change your whole life routine as well

Out of sheer willpower, you maybe stick at this for a week or 2 before you finally say F*%k This.

Remember, Today Is The Tomorrow You Worried About Yesterday (1).png

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