Whale In A Box..

Walking round and round as I came to each wall in my tiny cabin, Feeling Frustrated that I cant take any more than two steps in each direction. Three tiny windows on three of the walls.

I was on the phone and said to my friend – “I feel Like A Whale In A Box”

She laughed her head off and asked me if I was on drugs.

But I was serious

A whale can swim 100 miles a day yet in its cage at sea world or whatever it swims in a tiny round bath tub.

The whale is made for more than swimming round and round and it lives a pretty depressing life trapped in its enclosure

Thats how I felt

I’m now a gym owner and have many plans to travel the world yet i’m trapped in this box working for minimum wage.

I’m lucky that im in a position that I wont be there much longer but I feel for the people that just accept that they have to work for the rest of there lives because they dont know any better.

That was me once, I was too cool to pick up a book.

But the moment I did – My life had changed forever (I recommend Rich Dad Poor Dad as a first book).

We are made for so much more than being trapped in our boxes working for the bare minimum, Break free

Don’t be a whale in a Box.

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