From Eviction to Gym Owner In 6 Months

The Promise to Myself

December 31st New Years Eve.. Listening to the fireworks from a distance, Hoping to catch a glimpse of them through the window, Watching friends and family posting the photos on social media of them all having a good time together..

Not me though, No once again I found myself sat alone on a long lonely night shift, The nights are always longer and lonely On a special occasion.. when you know you could be elsewhere actually enjoying your life..

This night was different though.. Staring through the glass prison cell looking to the stars as I wished my Nan a Happy Birthday, I told myself that this would be the last new years I spent away from my family.

I spent the rest of that night working on my strategy plan for another business I’ve been working on (Not the gym) And the marketing campaign was due to start in January..

January 1st… The Kick in the teeth, Then The Balls and Finally being pushed off a cliff

The mood in the room changed faster than Warner Brothers could ruin a Justice League movie..

7am I walk through the door ready to climb into bed I notice a letter,addressed to my mother with the words ‘Hand Delivered’ written on it

Gut instinct I knew what it was instantly but it wasn’t addressed to me to so off to bed.

As I rose to spend some precious little time I could with my Family before I went to spend another amazing night sat behind a desk doing absolutely nothing for 12 hours.. My mother had just found the letter.

As she opened it the mood in the room changed faster than Warner Brothers could ruin a Justice League movie, I’ll never forget the look on her face..

That look when someone’s trying to pretend to be ok but there body language/voice/tone everything has changed..


The very next day I found out I got underpaid by about a grand and the dogs insurance had declined the claim we put in (2.5 grand) tensions were through the roof.

The next couple of weeks I avoided my family as the mood states were too low and I was trying to keep the positive in mind (I was negative as fuck but I was trying)

Debating whether to quit my job, Trying to protest the dogs insurance claim, containing solicitors about the wronged eviction and not too mention I had no fucking money so I couldn’t even start to market my Property business (Looking back this was probably an excuse to procrastinate)..

It was the 2nd worst start to a year I’ve ever had..

The day we moved in a witnessed about 3 drug deals (Seriously) and we had to call the cops on the neighbours..

I remember going to my first mentorship day introducing myself we was supposed to tell the group something interesting about ourselves.. I couldn’t think of anything.. I just wanted to break down and cry (In Fact I did the night before in my hotel room) I was just feeling sorry for myself stuck in my own head.. I Might as well of not turned up to that day..

The next couple of months I was getting by on pure grit,, Starving because I could barely afford to eat as my hours had been cut..Falling asleep lent against a barbell because I had been physically and mentally drained by everything that was going on..

Instead of driving home after the gym or our meets I would climb into my boot or the back seat and try and get some sleep..

No one wanted to let us rent their house because we had a dog.. As the weeks went by the pressure was building up.. You could feel it as you walked through the front door..

We finally got accepted on a house.. In a neighbourhood that you would think belongs on shameless, The day we moved in a witnessed about 3 drug deals (Seriously) and we had to call the cops on the neighbours..

Great first night, Crawling to the gym the next day Tiranan looked at me and in straight up told me that I looked like shit.. Cheers coach.

I was like I don’t wanna train today so we went for breakfast and discussed our plans for the gym we had been talking about this for about a year at this point and it still only felt like an idea at this point but T  was ready to move forward. After a gruelling 3 months it felt like my look had finally turned a little.

Watching People Eat..Sleeping in my car and Throwing Up in someone else’s

We started to meet up a lot more after sessions or on non training days to have meetings about the gym or go to viewings,

The only problem with that was I was still flat broke, I couldn’t afford to eat, T always offered tp pay but I didn’t want to feel like anymore of a scrounger than I already was so I always told him I wasn’t hungry, On the rare occasion I did I would stare at my toast like Gollum would stare at the one ring saying my precious over and over again..

On the rare occasion I did I would stare at my toast like Gollum would stare at the one ring saying my precious over and over again..

Some days I had to decide whether to spend petrol getting home or to buy food for work.. The food at work was the only meals I was getting so they won.. Instead of driving home after the gym or our meets I would climb into my boot or the back seat and try and get some sleep.

We just couldn’t seem to find a place though the ones that would of been perfect were taken and the ones still on the market were there for a reason..

I was making very little progress in my other business as well, spending what little money I had on Virtual assistants to try and get me some leads or bookings in..

Between the very very slow response time and taking about a week just to get 20 calls done, Just to be told ‘So and so wasn’t there we need to call back and Not interested’ I was losing a lot of time with very little luck,I decided to hire an old  friend to do the work as it would of been easier to coach her and get feedback and progress her through the business if she wanted.. However after about a week of not hearing from her I found out she decided not to take the role and also not tell me..

I was so burnt out and exhausted on the way home from one of my mentorship days out of nowhere I just threw up in this nice white BMW.. Oops Lucky enough we were doing about 15 mph on the motorway because of the Beast from the East so the Majority went out the window.

Progress (Finally)

One thing the first quarter of the year taught me is that y skill set is better alongside someone else.. I decided to pitch the idea to someone I had met on the Mentorship program who like me was struggling with time to work together and he agreed fast forward a couple of weeks/months I had been on more viewings in one day than I had all year and our first offer we put in was on a block of flats in Liverpool.

By the end of April we finally found a place for our gym.. Shit was getting real, Like super real, What seemed like a dream was now a reality and I still had Zero in the bank the only difference now was I had my share of the investment to put down.

What an amazing situation to be in.. Me 2 years ago would of been like I don’t have the money I can’t invest sorry lads & watch the success from the sideline whilst working 60+ hours a week to be in the same situation in 2 years time.

Studying books like Rich Dad Poor Dad, and Life Leverage by Rob Moore and attending seminars and Mentorship Programs from Paul Preston I’ve learnt that you don’t need money in order to make money.

I managed to borrow the money to put my share down in time and well you’ve read the headline Im now part owner of a personal training studio..

This was my dream in 2013 when I went broke personal training, Because I didn’t understand anything about business.. The saying ‘You have to Learn to Earn’ Couldn’t be more true..

As I write this I have just told my work that Im dropping my hours or this is my notice, so I can focus more on both business.

Wallace D Wattles says that in order to get rich you have to visualise everything you want then you have to do all you can do everyday that you can in order to get that.

This is so true, every time me and Tiarnan were working out talking and visualising our gym.. Then we did everything in our power to get that nothing more nothing less (Well T might have done more than he had to, He has no breaks so once he gets going on something its foot to the throttle..)

The purpose of the post wasn’t to brag that im now a gym owner or for sympathy for the struggle I went through..

It was to show you that education with action can lead to anything, the situation your in now can change tomorrow.. But it wont change if you don’t take action…

You should never view your challenges as a disadvantage. Instead, it’s important for you to understand that your experience facing and overcoming adversity is actually one of your biggest advantages.” Michelle Obama

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