The Process..

The Process Is The Fun Stuff
You looked in the mirror & Felt disappointed,
Your chest looked flat, abs weren’t popping like they used to,
Legs… Lol
Bank Balance, even funnier..

You felt disappointed because you don’t look how you want to look, You don’t look how you used to, Your Don’t Look Perfect Yet..
But who defines perfect anyway? Who says you shouldn’t be happy with how you look & feel right now?
Not just with fitness but life in general yeah its not where you predicted you were going to be,
Yeah you’ve not lost those 2lbs this week, Yeah you may not of got that business deal, You legs look like they belong on a chicken but look how far you’ve come, Look what you’ve been through..
Its easy to beat ourselves up because were not where we want to be, We didn’t get the result we want, Yet we forget that life happens and happens regardless of our thoughts and feelings..
You beat yourself up because you’ve not lost those 2lbs this week, Yet you forget you’ve lost 2 stone already, you’ve had a busy week and you still managed to hit all of your sessions,
‘But I had a pizza last night I feel really disappointed’.. Did you enjoy it then stop beating yourself up, If you can’t enjoy the foods you love whilst on a diet then its not a diet its a prison sentence.
I felt disappointed because my chest looked smaller than what is was this time last year and my legs haven’t grown.. Yet I’ve been training through an injury,
Trying to run/startup two businesses as well as working 60+ hours nights whilst being on a budget, Having meeting during the day which means sleeping on the back seat of my car for a couple of hours before hand, Attending the meetings with no energy looking like something from the Walking Dead..
Sometimes fasting for up to 16 hours because yano broke budget..
Why beat yourself up.. How you look right now is great considering the circumstances, Theres never going to be a perfect time to train/diet/start a business whatever..
Just love the process.. Thats the fun stuff

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