Rewrite Your Story

For Years I was broke, I kept telling myself I was.. I stayed Broke, I let being broke hold me back, I can’t afford to do that, Or if I had x amount of cash I could do this.
For years I told myself I’m an asshole and don’t like people, The reason is because im introverted who lacks confidence and people skills.. I never challenged that and therefore never grew my weakness.. It was easier to be an ‘Asshole’ than try and engage in awkward conversation.
These were the stories I kept telling my self

There are many times as humans we find ourselves stuck in certain emotional states. Sadness over loss. Anger over betrayal. Regret over mistakes. Anxiety over uncertain circumstances. We linger on to these states for long period of times Its not the events that are the problem anymore its more about what were doing about it
Like when your business goes bust or you break up with your partner of x years and years later you still associate yourself with them even though their no longer part of your life
I built that business its part of who I am’ 
Stuck emotional states are almost always about the inability or unwillingness to make a choice, or own that choice, once it is made.
You can dwell on past events (Which we can not change) or we can take an eraser to our script and rewrite our story, insert a new reality.
While I still have some aspects of my old stories, they are no longer limiting factors to my new story..
Its not Im broke I can’t do that untill I get some money..
It’s I’m broke so How, Do I do that, How can I find a way?
I could of kept telling myself I’m a broke whiny little b*tch. But that sh*ts depressing,
What we humans sometimes fail to remember is this: the future you imagined can always be re-imagined.  Stop letting society’s beliefs about who, or what, you should be write the script. Stop letting past disappointments write your script.
“You have control over your mind not outside events. Realise this and you will find strength.” – #MarcusAurelius

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