Never Surrender On Your Dreams

_It Is Better To Risk Starving To Death Than Surrender.If You Give Up On Your Dreams, What's Left _Jim Carrey.png
I gave up on my dream twice, The first was when I quit personal training and the 2nd was when I completely gave up on the fitness industry.
The 2nd time was probably the start of the process when I stopped being happy and gave up on myself, Thinking back it was around the time I started having relationship issues, I stopped caring for myself, I became lazy and that reflected back on other people..
I remember the look on my Nan face when I told her I left the gym and I could tell she was well and truly disappointed with me, Which hurts because that was last thing my Nan knew I was doing.

As I hopped from meaningless Job to Job I lost a little part of myself each time until I was working every hour possible and there was nothing left of myself but an exhausted body going to work.
I threw away everything, My relationship, My health, Personal Time..
It was only when that spark, That passion for a better life reignited that my life started to get better (Still not perfect)
I got my health back, I got my passion back, My relationship errm never mind I still need work in that area
But overall i’m pretty happy, even though its been the most challenging year since my Nan past and Theres been times when I’m physically starving because my moneys gone towards a better future not some external thing that will temporally fill a void.
I would rather starve to death, working towards a better future, Than to work myself to death for a meaningless paycheck

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