Make Your Own Good Fortune..

Screenshot 2018-06-03 07.39.32
I used to be stuck in that ‘There just lucky’ Mindset,
I remember the personal training days, When I would sit or stand at the top of the stairs
Waiting for people to approach me, They rarely if ever did..
(* The only time I actually got ‘Lucky’ standing at the top of the stairs was when my girlfriend at the time walked in and I was the 1st person she saw and approached for PT)

I used to watch the other pts picking up business, I would literally say to myself ‘If only I was stood over there, He’s just lucky, Right place right time’ Ect..
Yet the reason why they were so ‘Lucky’ wasn’t because of where they were stood.. No it was because they were doing their Job, Instead of standing in the corner looking like an extra on some sh*tty soap show..
Yet fast forward to today and you could say I’m lucky that I hired a S&C Coach that decided I could invest in his business, That I’m lucky that he saw something in me and that he gave me the chance.
In a way I kinda am lucky he took that chance.
I was lucky that I totally gave up on myself and decided that I needed a coach..
I was lucky that I never missed a session..
I was lucky that even when my car broke down and had zero money I still manged to find a way to Preston just to train..
I was lucky that he recommended me the book that changed my life.. and even Luckier I read it..
When you look at it this way I got ‘Lucky’ because I made the decision to turn my life around, I made the decision to put the work in, I made the decision to never miss a session, I made the decision to read that book..
Yeah I’m lucky he took the chance on me but it never would of happened if I didn’t put every once of energy into turning up to every session, Let alone doing the workouts.
I created that luck.. So can you.

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