Use My Life As A Warning

The Life of Each One of us is going to serve either as a Warning or An ExampleA warning of the Consequences of Neglect, Self Pity, Lack of Direction and Ambition.Or An Example of Talent Put to Use, Of Discipline, Sel.png

Use my life as a warning..
A Warning of what happens when you neglect yourself
Neglect yourself through working harder and harder for a little extra cash at the end of each month,

When you lose direction, The ambition you once had is just a tiny spark thats about to burn out.
And your life becomes pretty much meaningless..
Use my life as a warning because when you give up on yourself and sell out to society’s dream
You don’t only lose love for yourself, you start to lose love for the others around you..
You become the source of all your own problems, yet you point the finger at other people..
Like its their fault they want to spend time with you..
You lose out..
My Nan was my whole world yet I missed the scattering of her ashes – Because I was too tired
I’ve missed my mums birthdays, family events, Through away a relationship, Got so unhealthy I was out of breath sat down & ended up with kidney stones..
For what?
Even More hours next month
Use my past as a warning
Lack of direction leaves you Broke or barley getting bye..Lonely and Miserable and then dead.
The longer you go like this the higher you have to climb, The harder you have to push to break the through the cell walls..
But it only takes a spark to ignite a fire..
Ask yourself ‘Is this the Life you really want’
Be An Example..

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