Relinquam Amor

Leave Your Love.. This sh*t is bigger than you, This life of yours.. If your not here to do great then why you even here.. If your life has to mean something its got to be bigger than you.

True Legacy is about what you leave for others, Not about you.. In order to truly make a difference

You’ve got to make sacrifices, No matter how much you love them, No matter how much it hurts or uncomfortable it gets. Let the things you love go Watch others make them happy, Embrace the pain, the discomfort.. Its only temporary

In order to be selflessness you sometime have to be selfish first, You gotta Leave your love before you can leave your Love.

Sometimes you have to watch your family struggle and put your money else where so then that money comes back later and provides financial freedom for them forever.

You’ve got to leave your love for things now so that you can have more things later, while still making an impact.

This thing is bigger than you.. But You can’t change the world on minimum wage, You can’t make a difference on a global scale, Slaving away 40+ hours a week

In order to make an impact you have to make a change in yourself, You have to take action on what you said you would do.

It starts small, with a meeting, with an idea
Plant a seed for a tree you’ll never see grow, but the next generation will,

But why plant only one.. When you can plant 100’s

Your kindness, Your generosity, your creations, Thats where it all starts.

Give without expecting anything back.. Start that business, Start that charity.

Whatever your legacy is its starts today.. with the sacrifices you make and the barriers you break.. That one meeting could change your life.. so that you can change the world

Go Plant That Seed

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