Amor Fati

Funny story about today..
I got up really early to drive 45miles to get to a shift ive been rostered in for ages.. I get there and theres another lad there..

He was was also rosterd in.. however i had been taken off without any email or anyone telling me so another 45miles back..

Heres the strange thing I wasn’t even mad I actually laughed, The other lad was like if that was me I’d be pissed, I would be making phonecalls..
The interesting thing is thats how I thought I’d react.. Thats how I would of in the past.
Amor Fati (A love of Fate)
If this was a normal day off then I would of probably slept till about mid day.. Woke up and done nothing because I’ve been working alot.
But Since I was up.. I got to enjoy a full day of the sun and took the Princess for a really long walk..

The ‘Oh Shit Its Really Deep’ Look
If I got worked up about the lack of organisation and reacted like a puppet to my emotions, My whole day would of been ruined and Would of been in a bad mood all day.
You can’t change what has happened but you can choose how you react, you can choose to make the best of it..
A love of Fate.
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