Change Requires Challenge..

From Instagram – @roy_eastham
‘Why you here, Why you inflicting this pain upon yourself, You could of gone home straight home, Your tired, You don’t need to be here’ – My base level self going to the gym straight after the 11th nights work in a row..
You ever have those workouts where you wonder why your here.. When everyone else is in bed, or sat in Starbucks before work and your putting your self through self inflicted physical pain..

You muster every ounce of energy just to get there and then you have to work out using pure grit.
These may not be the most productive workouts but they’re more beneficial than you might think.
These self inflicted challenges help you handle uncomfortable situations in other areas of your life, Help you handle pain, challenges and Change.
I use the example of when I had no car for 2 weeks and it cost me a grand to get fixed, I still managed to never miss a gym session, even though to get there and back was a 4 hour round commute  with 4 buses, 2 trains and sometimes a tram.
Why would I do that just to workout
Because I said I would
Most of my life I took the easy way out and quit, I quit boxing right before I was ‘supposed’ to get my fighters licence, I’ve given up on relationships because it was easier than working on them, I gave up on my dream because I had to leave my comfort zone..
So I knew I had to develop discipline, If I said im going to do it, Ill do it. In order to get to the next level of my life I had to change who I was, In order for me to Start, run and grow, My businesses and become financially free and live the life I want I had to prepare for the challenges physical and mentally.
If I didn’t go to the gym because getting there was hard.. Then I’m not going to work on my business when things get hard, I’m going to give up on my next relationship when things get hard or whatever situation life throws at me
The same discipline can be applied to you.. Next time you feel like quitting, Ask yourself why you started..
Change Requires Challenge – #EasyIsEarned 
Inspired by @jadeteta Post.. #NextLevelHuman

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