Vires Acquirit Eundo

You once couldn’t stand on your own two feet, You couldn’t walk, You fell, You crawled, You fell again, You cried and fell some more.. But you can Walk now.
You once couldn’t ride a bike, you had stabilizers on and still fell, You took them off and fell again, you cried and fell some more.. But you can ride a bike now.
You once couldnt read or wright, Or Drive or Swim..
But you can do all those now.

You persisted on, despite many failures, You tried again, With every failed attempt you learnt a lesson..
You gathered strength as you went on.
So why now do you give in at the first sign of defeat. Give up at the first knock back and think you have failed. Put stuff on hold because ‘Your not good at it.’
If ‘Vires acquirit eundo’ ‘We gather strength as we go’
Then you know that with every action you take you will get better, with every knock back there’s an opportunity to learn,  Not a failure but a lesson, A chance to grow, Strength and develop.
If you know this then why do you not persist, Why wait for tomorrow.. It might never come.
If its in your control then take action in that moment for that moment is all we have .. If its in your control then control it – Memento Mori.

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