Meditations 5.0

‘Do not waist the remaining parts of your life in thoughts about other people, when you are not thinking with reference to some aspect of the common good.
Why deprive yourself of the time for some other task?’
 Marcus Aurelius – Meditations 3.4 
Midnight Meditations from Instagram Follow @roy_eastham

Why do you care? Why do you look to the lives of others as if there something special? Why procrastinate on what others are doing.. How is this benefiting you?
You waist countless hours on social media,
Mindless tasks that only keep you imprisoned in your current circumstances..
Or your thoughts are towards actions that will gain approval from others ‘I must take a picture of this Starbucks for the gram’ or whatever. Not helping your own cause or purpose..
Therefor is the life your living your own?
Breakups are a funny one on this topic people fail to see the opportunity in their misery, They wonder what their ex is up to, Wait to see if they post anything on social media just in case they’ve met someone else, Let there thoughts become so consumed with what they might or might not be up to, Bitch and moan to their friends or sit around feeling sorry for themselves..
I’m not saying that this is bad i’ve been there personally myself, and being upset is ok but..
The relationships in the past and all that we have is this present moment isn’t it so why not seize the now and do what you wanted to do but your partner didn’t.. You always wanted to go travelling, Isn’t now the time, Why wait the next chapter starts now.. You wanted to start a business but your partner thought it was a bad idea or didn’t support it, Start it now. 
Why waist time thinking about what could of been or what was, when you can take this time to start something great.
Whats worse than Wasting time thinking about others?
When your thoughts are towards your purpose but not taking action because your worried about the opinion of others.. Others who spend their lives watching others, Critiquing others, Wishing they were others yet not doing anything to get them anywhere themselves.. Why would a Lion concern about the opinion of a sheep?
I’ve never spoke to a Lion but i’m pretty sure it would not give a f*ck.. So why would you hold yourself back on the illusion of what someone may or may not say?
‘Take a good hard look at peoples ruling principle especially of the wise and what they run away from, and what they seek out’ – Marcus Aurelius Meditations
The only time your thoughts should be focused on what other people are doing is if those people have done or are currently doing what you want to do or achieve. ‘The Wise’ in the areas of your passion and purpose.
Get yourself a mentor, Read books on the greats in your area of passion, Listen to podcasts..
Watch what they do, Do what they do, Learn from what they have done and the mistakes they made, Ask them for advise, That is the only opinion you should care about.
If its not inline with you Passion and Purpose, Don’t Waist another thought.. Not a single one.

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