External Things Can’t, Fix Internal Issues

Midnight Meditation number 3 from Instagram Follow >> @roy_eastham
External Things Can’t Fix Internal Issues

Many of us base our happiness on other things and people (see yesterdays post)
We have a stressful week and we retreat to ‘Retail Therapy’ buy sh*t we don’t need in the hopes it fills that empty spotĀ  thats causing the unhappiness.
We rack up debt trying to keep up with the Jones or the ‘kardashians’ wishing we had their lifestyle.
‘If only I had this, Then I could do that’ ‘I need this because too make me happy’.. ‘ I so need to win the lottery’
We think that having money will solve all our problems, Buying material things will fill a void,
But they won’t, No external thing can fill any internal void.
Approx 70% of all lottery winners end up broke.
This doesn’t actually surprise me, You give an ordinary person heaps of cash doesn’t change the person the internal problems are still there, There just masked by the excitement of being able to buy bigger things more often.
Just like People who wish they were famous because that would solve everything right – Wrong look at Elvis for example, According to his half brother, He preferred being drugged and numb to being conscious and miserable. Unfortunately this isn’t the only example.
Look at any social media post about Ant Mcpartlin and you’ll see the comments like ‘Its alright though because he got money’ or ‘Whats he got to be depressed about he’s rich’.. If only they were in his shoes.
External things won’t make you happy if you don’t know what you really want out of life, If you live each day letting your emotions control you and you just react to them as and when they appear..
Focus on the internal.. The things you can actually control.
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