‘Life for each of us is a mere moment’

From the Gram,
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Another midnight brain dump –
I love these two ‘Meditations’, Self harm to your soul is when you act at random, failing to put any of your actions or desires towards a goal, You wake up day to day building another dream, Buying outfits to make you look cool for other people, buying a Starbucks just to post it to the ‘Gram’ so you can ‘Approval’ from other people and basing your happiness and inner peace on other people. Yet not acting to achieve any of your own desires making you unhappy.

I remember back in the day at high school/college all I wanted was to fit in and be liked, I would go out every week on the piss because ‘everyone’ else was out, I would sometimes go out 3x a week even though I actually hated drinking. I would buy a new pair of trainers every week or two just too look cool for other people. I would post random shitty posts on Facebook in the hopes for a like or some attention. I was letting my happiness depend on other peoples thoughts and beliefs (Their souls)


Then I remember the day I quit the one thing I was passionate about, The fitness industry. I felt like I had sold out (to a minimum wage call centre job) I felt lost and didn’t really have a purpose, Coupled that with losing my Nan not long after, I was well and truly lost. Living from paycheck to paycheck with no purpose other than to go back to work for the next paycheck.
While at this stage of my life I had stopped giving a f*ck about other peoples thoughts. I wasn’t attending to my own goals or desires, No studying, No writing, No reading.. Nothing to work towards other than the next paycheck..As a human I wasn’t growing therefor I was dying
If your not growing your dying, Life is growth – Tony Robbins
After a year of neglecting myself and others around me ‘failing to attend to the motions of my own soul’ I had run myself down to a point where I was so down and unhealthy and unhappy, I had to make a change, ‘I was showing myself no honour’
If i didn’t before I knew it I would of been an overweight broke 40 year old with a heart condition. I hired a Personal Trainer, Started reading & writing again/ Attended seminars and invested in mentorship programs rekindled my passion for business and started working towards my passions and purpose.
Although I’m not a ‘Success’ yet and still slaving away for that minimum wage the amount of growth over the past 16 months have been unbelievable.
Working towards your passion isn’t easy neither is stepping away from the crowed and doing your own thing but ‘Life for each of us is a mere moment’ Don’t live it trying to make other people happy.
Memento Mori – Remember your going to die, So you don’t forget to live.

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