What Is Up To Us?

‘Ta eph’hemin, Ta ouk eph’hemin.’

‘Ta eph’hemin, Ta ouk eph’hemin.’ – Its a Greek saying that translates What is up to us, What is not up to us.

There are things that we can control, There are things we can not and things that we can influence but still not completely control.

Many people focus on what they can not control and let the things  that they cannot control take over and control their lives.

Some things are in our control, While others are not.

We control our opinion, choice, desire, aversion, and in a word everything of our own doing.

We don’t control our body, property, reputation, position and in a word everything not of our own doing. 

Even more so the things in our control are by nature free, unhindered, and unobstructed, while those not in our control are weak, slavish, can be hindered and are not our own.” 

– Epictetus, Enchridion, 1.1-2

Your flight is delayed because of the weather, The person you like doesn’t like you, Wishing you had blue eyes instead of brown.. You can’t control the external events in life, Thats kind of a scary thought whether their fair or unfair they are out of your control.

You can shout at the airline staff all you want, you can try and force that someone to like you but you’ll probably make them hate you more, Shout at the traffic lights for turning red.

But there is no point shouting at the traffic lights wont make them change any faster, the airline staff can’t stop the storm thats grounded your flight. If your eyes are blue or brown then their blue or brown you can’t change that there out of your control.

What is in our control..

Our Emotions, Our Thoughts, Our Judgements, Our Attitude, Our Perspective, Our Desires, Our Decisions, Our Determination.

So we might not be able to control the weather the traffic whatever but with every external event that is out of our control has an element that you can control.

March 1st 2018 –  It was the day of our Elite Mentorship Program in Peterborough a 212 mile journey and 4 hours travel time and ‘The Beast From The East Had It’ a snow storm that had hit the UK.

It had put the UK on holt, Stopping the majority of trains, closing roads due to being too dangerous and people were urged to stay in side unless ‘Urgent.’

Me and my now business partner could of easily said that we were not going, We could of blamed the weather, shouted at it, cried, moaned at the circumstances. But we didn’t We hit the roads we had a desire to get their and we did.

We knew that we couldn’t change the circumstances, So we didn’t try. We looked at it as an opportunity because we knew that their would only be a few people their so we would get more one to one time with the Mentor and we did.

Instead of focusing on what we can not change or control, focus on what was in our control, this gives us an advantage over everyone else.. How? Well they fail to relies they are fighting an unwinnable battle.

While they are crying over the fact that their business pitch didn’t get funded, You realise  that you can’t change the investors minds.. but you know you can change and refine your pitch.

When a new legislation comes into play and every one panics, moans and says its not fair, They try and fight it or panic and sell up. You relies that you cannot change the legislation but you can play it, When everyone else is playing victim your learning the new rules, playing them and making more money.

To see an obstacle as a challenge and make the best of it anyway, That is also a choice.. A choice that is up to us. – Ryan Holiday

Don’t waist energy on things out of your control.

‘Ta eph’hemin, Ta ouk eph’hemin.’

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