Plant The Seed..

I was listening to Kevin Heart ‘I Can’t Make This Up.. Life Lessons’ Audio Book.. Its hilarious with some great real life lessons,


One chapter stood out in particular, His agent was getting him loads of auditions for parts he would never get like ‘The hulk’ and ‘B. A. Baracus’ – Mr T’s Character from the A team.

Here’s the Life Lesson – Kevin goes on to say something along the lines of ‘Just tell me where to go I’ll handle the rest’.. Then ‘I went to these auditions knowing I wouldn’t get the part, but I made sure that they would remember me..

‘Too many people are living for the moment.. But each moment Leads to other moments, treat it like a seed’.

I can’t remember what he said word for word but the point was he went to the auditions knowing he wouldn’t get the part but made sure he would be remembered the next time a part came up.

But Each Moment Leads To Other Moments, Treat It Like A Seed’ – Kevin Heart

I love that thought.. ‘Treat it like a seed’

It’s something I’ve been trying to live by especially since around 2017.

I used to live ‘In the moment’ Like this person can’t do anything for me they’re no good to me (I used to be quite selfish track minded) However that person may have know somebody who could of solved a particular problem for me at that time..

I’ll give examples of my Personal Training/Fitness instructing days to start..

If a person didn’t want personal training sessions at the end of the consultation, I would of felt like I’ve wasted an hour of my time and tried to end the consultation their and then and if I saw them again I wouldn’t really talk or offer advise It would just be a half arsed ‘Hi.’

I was living for the moment. If I wasn’t selfish and only trying to help myself things could of turned out differently like for example

‘Oh hey no worries Personal training not for everyone, But if you ever need anything just come speak to me and I’ll try to help you the best way I can.’

And the actively spoke and checked in with them every week or so when I saw them they might of decided ‘You know what I could do with some sessions’ or ‘Hey my partner was thinking about personal training can I get him/her booked in with you’

Many times I saw people I had spent an hour or two with for free sign up with another PT.. Why because they was planting seeds and building relationships with these people.

Present day me isn’t selfish though To be honest I wasn’t actually selfish back then, I was just broke and hungry and was under a lot of pressure to get my conversions up and pay the gym rent..

The past 4 months I’ve been on a Mentorship program for Property Investing, Its a monthly meet where about 80 other Property investors go to network, solve each others problems and normally a ‘lecture on a given topic.’

Old me would of been right whos got the most money and how can I get them to Joint Venture with me blah blah. Me now have been trying to build relationships with these people, Offering advise in the Facebook groups actively talking to them on the days, If I see some deals that are in their area I would tag them in the post, Not expecting anything from them just so that they see it and they can improve their business And the people more local to me, Trying to arrange coffee meets just to network and help one and another out.

Just by being myself and generally trying to help other people out without expecting anything, I’ve managed to form a business partnership with one of the guys who local to me. It started just by talking and building report, then just a simple follow up on Facebook, Then we carpooled together followed by a few more follow ups just trying to help each other out.

Another totally unexpected opportunity arouse when Just the other day another guy from the Mentorship program, Messaged me with a load of questions about my business plan ect, Then he goes on to say is ‘The reason Im asking is because I’m looking to expand and work with other people and I think me and you share the same values.’

This was pretty cool for a few reasons He’s from London which is the other end of the country to where I’m based so I never had any intention or thought to Partner up with him and secondly because he’s 2 years in the game and has a pretty impressive portfolio..

How did this happen.. Well I planted the seed.

It started by just actively going to talk to him on the 3 day MMI course, Then just by tagging him in every deal I saw in London and by talking to him (but not that much) on the mentorship days.

You never know what moment can lead to in the future.

How can this apply to you..

Well theirs loads of examples, The family do that you don’t want to go to, the Love of your life might be or work their.

The old lady who always comes in your work and talks to you, but sometimes you wish she would just go away, well her son might own a business that has your dream job, But if you feel like she can’t do anything for you in the moment then you won’t build that rapport to ever find out.

The guy you rushed in front of and then told to ‘fuck off’ so you could get to your interview on time.. Well that guy might be the guy interviewing you..(This is actually a true story (Not mine though)

Your business partner, Lover, Once in a lifetime opportunity might be right in front of you, Just not in the moment.

Tell everyone what you do/want to do/ Find out how you can help others without expecting anything in return. Be nice, Live for the moments that could happen through living in the moment.

The best story I know about planting seeds is Rob Moore and Mark Homer – Co founders of progressive property It all started by ‘Can I get You a Drink.’  Look for Rob talking about it on Youtube.

Plant the seed and watch your future grow.


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