Memento Morti

Memento Morti

‘You Could Leave Earth Right Now’

Marcus Aurelius


Remember That You Die..

Death is the only thing that we all have in common, We are going to die, Yet we humans seem to forget that or choose to ignore that fact.

We wake up every day and take that for granted, Like we knew it was going to happen, We look at the clock and think its time to get ready for work, No time for breakfast, I need to set off beat the traffic so I can get to starbucks before everyone else, So im not late and can get whatever it is that you do done, So you can move on to the next task.

You Rush home so you can chill and watch tv before you repeat the process the next day and hope the week flies by so you can ‘Enjoy’ the weekend and maybe do something you like.

You work late Friday, so you have to rush home quickly get changed and go out for a drink or two. By this point your friends are ready to leave. Saturday comes and your tired so you sleep in.. ‘I’ll go on that hike next week.’ Sunday comes and your getting things ready for work the next day, this takes longer than expected so you just put your feet up for the rest of the day.

Monday… History repeats itself.


One day you wake up & your 50, Your kids have grown up and moved out and your wondering where the time went, What if you had spent more time with them, What if you acted on that project instead of procrastinating on it. What if you had saved some money and invested it into something that could of produced passive income..

Now you’re wondering where your life has gone, Your not as mobile as you once was, you feel tired and stressed and you’ve gained weight, your wondering where your youth has gone when you had dreams of becoming a millionaire or to write a best selling book, To make a difference to people’s lives, To build houses in Africa, Plant trees in the Amazon.. and Now when you think its too late, you remember that your not immortal and  there might not be a tomorrow, you’re just left with… What If.

As humans its our natural instinct for survival and safety. Now obviously we are not going to get eaten by a sabre tooth tiger if we walk down the street, But our survival instincts are still within us. These instincts cause us to go into Fight, Flight or Freeze mode (Like there was a tiger in front of you.)

When we are scared or our safety is threatened our ‘Base Level Behaviours’ start to show and anything different to what your used to can cause you to feel threatened.

Base level behaviours – Procrastination, Cutting off communication, Silent treatments, Avoiding people/Situation, Aggressiveness, Racism, Sexism, Bullshiting, Lying.. I’ve probably missed a load but you get the drift.

Schools and Work ‘The System’ are designed to reinforce Base level thinking into us you know ‘Work hard, Get good grades, Get a Good Job, Work the rest of your life, So you can Retire and Enjoy yourself then’

When our Base level comes shows in a unfamiliar situation ‘To help us survive and keep us safe’ it can actually stop us from ‘Living our lives’

I’ll use myself as an example – When I worked in a gym as a self employed Personal Trainer, My fear of rejection stopped me from making any money.. I went broke, I couldn’t do anything, I was sponging off other people and I couldn’t even afford to eat..

Yet the fear of rejection stopped me from talking to members, Giving advise, And Pitching my services, My Base level made excuses, I procrastinate, I felt safe in the cafe area on the sofa having a laugh with fellow PT’s (Although this stopped when their next client came in and they had to go make some more money.’

I was always like I’ll talk to them tomorrow, I’ll start working out tomorrow, I’ll study tomorrow. When ‘Tomorrow’ finally came It was too late for me I had no money to pay gym rent and had to leave.

It was my dream to be a world class fat loss expert, who went around doing presentations and had a youtube page but the Base Level Introvert was too scared to talk to a member.

I took for granted the opportunity I had ‘Today’ to make those dreams a reality.

Memento Mori – Its a reminder that you need to continue living for the now, As tomorrow is not guaranteed. Tomorrow doesn’t exist it’s an illusion.. You could leave Life right now.

The only thing that matters is today, You can’t make an impact tomorrow, Its now.

You Must Go To War..

With yourself, Its a matter of life and death, ‘If your not growing, You’re dying’ – Tony Robbins.


You must complete what you are here to do,

Battle the Enemy..Your Base Level Self, Who will do anything to stop you from achieving your life’s purpose.

Its not safe, There is a risk therefore your base level will throw any obstacle in your tracks to try and stop you.. Procrastination, Fear, Delusion, Bias whatever it takes to keep you ‘Safe.’ You.. the person you visualise yourself to be, The person you wish you was needs to confront these behaviours, That person in your head is the person you can be.. Because it is you

Stop waiting, Times ticking and It waits for no man.. Go to War!

‘Death is a reminder of what’s a steak: The meaning to die for and the Focus to Live For’ – Dr Jade Teta.

To Remember You Must Die.. Is a Reminder You Must Live


3 thoughts on “Memento Morti

    1. Thanks Anni, Glad it motivated you and yes you should go for it.. Not going for it has held me back so many times I’ve lost count, If you want some further reading on these topics I would recommend following Jade Teta on instagram @jadeteta and visit the daily stoic website by (Ryan Holiday also on instagram)


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