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The Effects of Sleep on Athletic Performance, Health and Body Composition.

The Effects of Sleep on Athletic Performance, Health and Body Composition.

Struggling with your weight? Feeling bummed out? Sluggish during workouts? Or just 


sluggish in general? – Poor diet isn’t always to blame.

We all know someone who brags about how they only need a few hours sleep at night and they feel fine, but every time you look at them they’ve got an extra large coffee from starbucks.. A Trenta I believe its called (1.) Or you know someone who’s tired and sluggish all day but complain they can’t get to sleep at night because they are ‘wired’. You know someone who’s complaining about how they can’t lose weight despite the fact they eat healthy and exercise frequently.

Perhaps maybe one of the above is you.

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Compounding Thoughts

Lately I’ve been stuck in my head. Feeling Down, Frustrated & The same time Though I’ve been excited, Positive and Looking forward to the next phase of my Life Working on two different business ventures & plans to grow my Personal Brand (Currently just this blog) Into a business as well.

I just could not figure out why I keep going through these low spells

It’s a Battle of two Minds in one head. I feel exhausted, Stressed and Overwhelmed just by trying to manage my thoughts.

Its exhausting because my negative thoughts are more subconscious therefore when Im not actively thinking Im dropping into this negative mind state and then I consciously start to think about the negative thoughts and like money and debt they compound.

Right now I have to actively catch these thoughts and really focus on turning them around into Positive thoughts, After the negativity has compounded this is a workout to turn it around.

Compounding Thoughts,
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