‘What If.. Yes’

Not wrote in a while.. My badd, I spent the 2nd half of December really knuckling down on my business, Marketing and acquisition strategy ready to go out in the new year..

I was hit with 3 Financial blows on January 1st, That not only put stress on my self but my family as well.

I know you can’t physically see energy but you feel the negativity whenever you walked into the house it was almost visible.

Like attracts Like and therefore Negativity Breeds Negativity.

So not only was I dis empowering myself with the thoughts and stress I was putting on myself but the effects of those thoughts compounded when I walked into the house.

There were some days when I would avoid my family just so I could try and relax.

This went on for about 2 weeks of January (Well 11 days to be exact), Coincidentally the same 11 days as my Strength and Conditioning Coach was still in Ireland so I wasn’t training or having the Empowering Conversations we have 90% of the time & The 10 Tens before the 11th Which was when I started my Elite Mentorship Program (A 12 Month Mentorship in Property Investing)

But back to my Business strategy, I kept telling my self I couldn’t afford to this and that would have to be cut back and I’ll have to do that on payday. Can’t afford that ‘Im broke’

Then on the 11th day the start day of the Mentorship Program I was listening to ‘The Tony Robbins Podcast’ & Tony Robbins at one point was saying that he doesn’t allow himself to suffer.

In my Negativity I was like

‘Its Alright for You – Your a Billionaire’ 

I carried on listening anyway and he went on to say that when he begins to suffer he spends 90 seconds and thinks of everything he’s grateful for, He said it takes normal people longer but he’s narrowed it down to 90 seconds.

Anyway that night on my long drive home I was thinking back to what Tony Robbins was saying & I had 3 hours not 90 seconds so I dove deep into my head

I thought about my Purpose, My why (Why I was starting a company) Everything I was grateful for and my current ‘circumstances’

I came to a major breakthrough in the fact that the financial blows I had were not problems but motivators that reinforced my purpose,

Everything that had happened was everything Im working on to prevent and this was just a reminder to get cracking on..

No matter what you going through you need to know that its not going to get better unless you take action.

I kept telling my self I couldn’t afford to take the action I wanted.. Well the cold reality is that I can’t Afford NOT to Take Action.

Because At some point in my life the situations will come up again







And they just keep getting bigger but your still in the same situation as you were 12 months, 2 years whatever because like me you made excuses.

25th of January I was offered my 1st deal on an apartment obviously I took it and I get the keys on the 5th of March

The ‘Problem’ its £1200 up front & I only get Paid £1300 before tax on Feb 15th (Like 2weeks before)..

So once again I found myself saying ‘I can’t afford this’ And looking through my expenses…

I caught myself early this time and reminded myself of the breakthrough I had 2 weeks before.

So instead I started asking ‘How Can I Afford It’

When you ask yourself questions.. You will find the answer

It doesn’t matter how stupid the question or bizzar the answer

Like.. Have you done something and Asked yourself ‘Why am I so stupid’ and you list all of the possible answers.

Well its the same principle if you ask yourself empowering questions with the same passion you put yourself down with you will find the answer.


Because Everything you Focus on Determines How you Feel & the Questions you ask Determines what you Focus on

So ask yourself empowering questions that get you to feel great and questions that make you find positive solutions..

Instead of ‘Why does this always happen to me’ Ask ‘How can I turn this around’ ‘What can I do to make this work’

‘I can’t afford that’ Ask instead ‘What can I do to afford that’ ‘How can I afford that’

Weight loss instead of ‘Weight loss is hard, I can’t lose weight’ Ask ‘How can I lose weight & Enjoy the process’ 

If You Get Inside Your Own Head Your Dead

If you focus on the bad you will feel bad, If you focus on the lack of money you never will have any, If you focus on all the stuff that irritates you in you in your relationships those stuff will get worse..

Like when I was focusing on my ‘Problems’ they became bigger problems Because I made them bigger ‘In my head’

‘What If It Doesn’t Work/I can’t Afford This’ – Me to Me

‘What If It Does Work/ How Can I Make it Less of a Risk’ – Also Me to Me

When I asked how I can turn it around I started to find solutions – The ‘Problems’ became a ‘Challenge’ & Challenges are fun.

A Challenge to me is a chance to Grow as a person.

So instead of shutting my brain down when I took the deal and was telling myself I can’t afford the deal and what if it doesn’t work I changes the questions and it became a fun challenge

My challenge is to get as many leads as possible and convert at least 3 of those into profitable deal @ a minimum of £500 P/M with putting as little as my own money down as possible before March 5th..


Well I could of cut back on all my expenses, Go hungry because ‘I Can’t afford to eat’, Sleep in my car to save on petrol & stop training with my S&C Coach (Check him out by clicking on these words (Finish reading this first though)) Since training is one of my biggest monthly expenses* and hope my first deal that I took a bit of a risk on makes instant profit**

Or Just not taken the deal because ‘what if it doesn’t work’

*In this cut back ‘I can’t afford this deal’ mindset my coach is a liability to me
** The deals a bit of a risk because its not in a prime location so Bookings won’t be as busy in lets say a city centre by a train station and a big arena over the road.


Go hungry anyway because either way Im cutting back a little.Keep training with Tiarnan (coach) because My body and health is my biggest asset. Sleep in my car to save petrol in between shifts and training (I actually did this the other day and not the best sleep in the boot of a VW Polo) and find the way to pay for marketing and generate leads  – Leads, lead to deals, deals mean my business can grow, If you don’t grow you die remember

Scnerio 1. Go broke and hungry or lose out on a deal and not generate any new leads

Scnerio 2. Go broke and hungry but knowing that I have taken action and started to generate leads, Which means I’m a lot closer to making another deal, generating cash flow that I didn’t have therefor growing not dyeing.

Also finding a way to make my ‘Risky’ deal work.

‘Take the risk or Lose the Chance’

On my mentorship day someone asked me why I took the deal if it was risky..

and I could totally understand why because I was questioning too remember.

‘But I changed the question.. ‘What If Yes’ ‘What If It Works’

Did I want to turn down the deal and think What if it did work.. No I wanted to take the deal and find out for myself I took the risk so I didn’t lose the chance.













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