How To Create Lasting Change

Inspired by Tony Robbins – Awaken the Giant Within

Many of us go through life wanting change, We want to change to better our lives whether that’s through more money, Better health or better quality of relationships and so on. After all Virtually everything we do is to change the way we feel – Tony Robbins.

Now new year is fast approaching you’ll notice everyone’s ‘new year new me status’ – Maybe you’ll write one.. But when we see them or even when you write it you and everyone else is thinking ‘Bullshit.’ I normally find it’s the same people writing the same or similar worded status each time. Or throughout the year you’ll notice people’s status like ‘New Job, Loving Life, Can’t believe I got my dream job So Happy Right Now like OMG’ then 6 months later they’re stressed out and looking for a new job. The same when someone gets a new relationship partner & they’re all lovey dovey and broadcasting their ‘Cute’ Cringey  Selfies and love quotes everywhere, Then the moment wears off they truly get to know each other, break up, 3-6 months later they’ve found the 1 again and the cycle continues.

I like to call that the ‘Honeymoon Period’ – I can’t remember whether I read that in a book (Might of Been Rich Dad, Poor Dad actually) or it was an original thought so until someone corrects me It’s a ‘Roy Quote.’

I call it the Honeymoon Period because people think they’ve found the change they need in life to truly be happy, They think there new job is the dream job & their new partner is their life partner. It’s the same with diets , this is it I’M COMMITTED.. We know where this is going. I’ve even done it with courses, ‘If i do this course then I’ll know what to do, then another then another’ The shiney gold coin effect.

The problem is it’s not whatever job you were in or whoever you’re in a relationship with or your diet or course.. The problem is Deeper than that..

The Problem is You (Me as well i’m my problem your, yours.)

For Change to matter to make a difference its got to be lasting and consistent. We’ve all experienced change for a moment, only to feel let down in the end. Many people attempt change with a sense of Fear and Dread because unconsciously they believe the change will only be temporary.

This could be why new relationships fail in the Honeymoon phase because one or both parties has had a bad experience in the past and its subconsciously affecting the present relationship, maybe not giving all your trust or acting like you’re not fussed about the relationship because you know the feelings you show will only give you a short term reward.

The same can be said with diet and fitness, You don’t fully commit yourself to it because in the past you’ve gained all the weight you lost so all that ‘pain was for nothing.

If you want Lasting Change you first need to Raise Your Standards.


In October 2016 when I decided I didn’t want to live like I was anymore (Out of breath sat down, No energy, Neglecting my relationships (Family and Ex) looked like shit (See pic) and was working all the time) I decided this wasn’t the standard of life i was going to live and therefore I had to raise them. Changing an organisation, company, country or even the world starts with changing yourself first.

I Felt 10x worse than I looked(Oct 2016)

When I rose my standards and decided I was going to get back into shape and launch a business (The latter i’m still working on) I joined a gym and went approximately 6 times & read one book in total from October to mid January. I kept telling myself I was too tired, I’ll go before work instead of after work (I work nights) I didn’t do any, I kept saying I had no mental focus to read (Business books) but I would sit at work playing Age of Empires II (Great game btw) in fact looking at the notebook I bought I wrote down my goals, (Get a promotion at work, Or Join the Police, Or Start Personal Training again.) I didn’t have just one plan, I had three backups and none of them were what I truly wanted.

I had these limiting beliefs holding me back ‘It won’t work so apply for this as well, you’re too tired go later.’ I had raised my standards but didn’t really believe I could hit them.

If you raise your standards but don’t believe you can hit them, you’ve already sabotaged yourself.

You won’t even try, you’ll be lacking that sense of certainty that allows you to tap the deepest capacity that’s within you. Our beliefs shape every action, thought and every feeling we have and do.

So if you believe you Can’t then it’s a pretty safe bet that you Won’t.

Without changing your belief system, you can raise your standards as much as you want but you’ll never have the conviction to back them up. To make any real lasting change our belief system must change. We must Have a sense of certainty that we Can & Will meet our standards before we actually Do.

That’s One of the reasons I think my training programs gone so well, When coach says for example ‘Hey let’s try 100kg for 12 reps this time’.. I don’t hesitate I say fuck yeah let’s do it and hit it. Where as if I was like yeah err lets try I might hit it.. I’m already defeated.

Once you’ve set your standards and you really believe you can hit them, even if you don’t know how you’ll find a way, you can’t do the same old things you used to do, Like starve yourself and train 11 days a week or bring new customers in using the same old marketing plan. No it requires something different.

You need a new strategy. Find yourself a mentor who’s doing what you can only dream of doing and tap into their knowledge.

When I was half arseing the gym I hired a coach >> Titan << and in less than a year my results in strength have been what he says is ‘Unreal’ & I don’t think I look like shit anymore either.. But I wouldn’t be anywhere as near as I am without him (Cheers buddy if you’re reading this).

(Nov 2017)

In business to be honest I didn’t know truly what I wanted so just dabbled in little areas looking around until I saw a fb add for a free property event, so I went, Signed up for the 3 day intensive course and signed up to the mentorship programme, I’ll tap into my property mentors knowledge and get results a lot faster than I will ever on my own – Leverage.

Getting a mentor is the best for lasting results, you get their time, knowledge, faster results and results that last longer and someone to hold you accountable. You get to learn what their doing, How they think, What their core beliefs are. It’ll make you more effective and you won’t have to reinvent the wheel.

To summarise,

If you want lasting change you first need to Raise your standards, Then Change your Belief System & once you have your standards set and you truly believe you can hit your standards you need a new strategy & the best way to get a new strategy is to find a mentor.


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    I wrote this a year ago, I still think it’s an awesome read and totally relevant for this time of year… As proof that the concepts I discuss work, In the Blog Post I talk about Wanting to start my own company…. 12 Months later I have two.


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