Who’s It Really Benefiting

At the time of writing i’m less than a week away from attending a three day intensive property course, It’s an investment that I couldn’t really afford, In fact I remember on the free one day event when they did the initial pitch I almost threw up (I was actually sick that day but not because of that.)

I had heard about this course and the only reason I made the trek down to London on an overnight coach was to invest in this course, Now being a event rookie I didn’t know that they always pitch a higher price before the event price and thank god they did, Otherwise I was going home empty handed.

I still couldn’t afford it but could I afford not to invest? Stay in the same job working nights and trading time for money for the rest of my life..

Fuck that, I was investing.

Which brings me onto this post, As im currently sat behind a reception desk working a 14.45 hour night shift, (Yeah I know why not just round up to 15 Hours) I noticed a picture in the reception area.

It’s a framed slogan quote type and say’s..

“Investors in People means that people Can Do and are Motivated to do what the organization Needs them to Do.

I’m just going to write that again so it sinks in..

“Investors in People means that people Can Do and are Motivated to do what the organization Needs them to Do.

Shit I can’t believe that’s framed in a reception area. It’s basically saying that we fund a course so that your people (Staff) can do and are motivated to do more work, that the organization (employer) needs them to do to make more money.

Talk about being stuck in the rat race, Your employer puts you through a course that will only benefit the company and will probably charge you if you leave within a certain date, you are then qualified to do more work for probably a slightly higher pay than average so you stay with that company for the rest of your life or until they lay you off due to budget cuts.

Reminds me of something similar at one of the gyms I used to work at, They put you through your les mills course (A fancy name on a exercise routine class) in return you had to teach 2x classes per week for 12 months for free and if you left within that year you had to pay for the whole course.

The initial course only cost around £320 you could make your money back in just over a month but the PT’s who signed up for this were tied down for a whole year of free classes.

Who gets the most benefit their – the company.

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep – You will work until you die, Warren Buffett

The importance of Self Education and Self Investment.

After University I was always keen on investing in education and spent money I didn’t have on courses because I thought they would generate more income (They didn’t) The courses would’ve added more value to my sessions and I could’ve upped my prices but the problem was, I didn’t have any clients.

I should of invested the money (I didn’t have) In some marketing courses and How to run a business or sales that was my biggest weakness or a book, Not more education on nutrition. So it’s important that you invest in the right stuff.

By October 2016 I had finished approximately one book cover to cover, Just one.

I thought reading was a waste of time (Yet I would sit on Facebook all day reading bullshit posts) The thought of sitting and reading a book just bored me to death. By October 2016 though I had, had enough of trading time for money and wanted to change my life around so I bought I couple of books. Probably took me around 3 months to finish them though because, Slow reader, Facebook and Amazon Video were more important.

Then my S&C coach (Strength and Conditioning) recommended Rich Dad – Poor Dad to me

One of the best investments I ever made was buying that Book.

I could of done with that years ago, it teaches you about financial education, good debt & bad debt, assets and liabilities The difference between a JOB and a Business (Working for Money or Having Money Work for You.)

‘The difference between the wealthy & the poor is the poor spend their money then invest whats left & wealthy invest their money and spend what’s left’

At the time of reading I was thinking about starting Personal Training agin,However I realised that this would of been me going from a job where I was guaranteed money for the time I put in to another Job but this time I wouldn’t get paid for the time I put in just the hour where I had a paying client. The rest would of been hustling to get consultations the convert them into paying clients an so on..

I want a Business not a job, I want to earn money whilst I sleep, whilst Im on vacation not if and when a client turns up.

If I relied on my current job to make me rich well Id die broke, If I opened up a ‘Business’ where I had to put all the hours in otherwise it won’t make money Id have a job not a business and Id be no better off than I am now.

That’s why self education is so important. If I only took the course my job offered id be a better employee and be better at my job but that’s it the skills cant transfer out to everyday life, I couldn’t use them at home, the skills wont make me anymore money or help me in another job so their only useful for my job.

Just like the Level 4 PT course or The Nutrition course,They didn’t teach me how to make more money or how to market or convert into sales they just made my actual skills better, but they were useless because I was clueless about marketing and sales.

Where as The Real estate course Im going to next week and the other two seminars I went to help me generate more money, How to outsource the work to free up more time for me to do more IGT’s (Income Generating Tasks.)

I’ve read more books the weekend than I had done my whole life before october 16 and im waiting on deliver for 6 more (Got carried away.)

While self education has taught me the basics of how to start and run business, leverage other people’s time and money & opened my mind to a whole new world.

Rich Dad Poor Dad, got me thinking about starting a business and Real estate. He talked about his first property assets that he acquired without putting any of his own money down.

I thought I’ve got no money (Not enough for a house anyway) so this could be something I could do, so I bought a book on real estate investing and all it talked about was deposits starting at £25,000 and then showing the income you generate before tax.. The numbers were not impressive, so I put the book back on the shelf (Didn’t finish it) and that was it my real estate dream over with for now.

I thought Id get into later when I had more money for a deposit and didnt really think about for about 6 months.

Come September 17 an ad on Facebook for a free property event kick started the idea again and now Im hooked, I didn;t realise how many strategies there are such as No money down, Rent to Rent, Joint Ventures, HMO’s, Serviced apartments.

If id of just let that one book decide the fate of my future in property It would of ended their and then.

6 months I wasted because I didnt do any further research to see what was out there & there is loads of information.

Like I said ive just read 2 books on property investing (All different strategies) I read another 2 a couple of weeks ago an i’ve got 6 more on order, Ive also got my eye on about £20,000 courses as well but thats for another time..

Theres one other thing to self education and investing in yourself,

You’ve still gotta do the work.

Ready, Aim, Fi..Ready, Aim, Ready, Aim

It’s no good taking action on getting ready part if your not gonna fire.

Learning is great but you still gotta take action.

Its more like Ready, Fire, Aim.

After the weekend commencing 17th Nov, I’ll have no more excuses but to take action, Will I be ready to fire… No but thats the thing you never are ready to fire, We go round in circles of getting ready and aiming.

Just like the diet and gym you were ready to do but convince stopped you from firing, You said you’ll do it monday but we all no that means never.

Get prepared, do the research, the course, read the book but then fire and then work out what you need to improve on after you’ve taken action.

One Last Point – The Work Life Balance Myth

People are always saying that they are trying to get a better work/ life balance, Me too.

The past few months ive been turning down extra hours work so U could have a better work/life balance, But after reading Life Leveraged by Rob Moore It’s been pointed out that there is no such thing as a work life balance.

Lets think about it for a second  

If we take the average amount of hours worked per week, which was 39.2 hours in 2014 according to the annual survey of hours and earnings, then you will work a total of 92 120 hours in the course of your working life (based on a rough calculation of 39.2 hours *(52-5 = 47 weeks to take account of holidays)*50 years).

Expressed as terms of a percentage of your life, this 39.2 hours a week spent working is equivalent to

14% of your total times over the course of a 76 year period (based on the average projected life expectancy of 76 for people born in the year 2000 according to the ONS’s National Life Tables for the United Kingdom.)

23.3% of your total time during the course of a 50 year working-life period

21% of your total waking hours over a 76 year lifespan, assuming 8 hours of sleep a night.

35% of your total waking hours over a 50 year working-life period assuming 8 hours of sleep a night

50% of your total waking hours during any given working day(1).

I can imagine these stats are even higher now, plus people are working well into their 70’s because they can’t afford to retire.

We spend more time working than sleeping!

More time working than we spend with our loved one’s, playing, exploring whatever you do that you enjoy,

How is that balanced, it’s self imposed slavery. Working all week just for a short weekend off to do what you enjoy
(That’s if you have the energy to do what you want.)

I used to think that this was acceptable, to get an education then a ‘Safe & Secure’ Job and work he rest of your life.

Thanks to books like rich dad poor dad & Life leverage & Seminars (All self education) I now know that this isn’t the way we have to live nor is it the way I want live.

So to conclude,

Companies may provide you with education so you can ‘Progress your career’ but who’s really benefiting from this education. Can these skills be transferred anywhere eles, or are you stuck working in the same company till they no longer need you (It happens.)

Something as simple as reading a book can open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. Educating yourself can lead to one idea that could change your life.

There is no work life balance, Its more like Work, Work, Work, Life, Work, Work, Work, Life oh no wait overtime, Work, Little bit of Life, Work, Work and so on..

One last quote,

The rich don’t work for money – They work for education.

(1.) https://revisesociology.com/2016/08/16/percentage-life-work/

(2.) Rob moore Life Leaverage

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      1. To be fair I was like that but Rich Dad Poor Dad was so easy to read (Its kind of like a story book but with Financial education init) and Im glad you like my articles thank you 🙂


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