What If?

The Definition of Hell on Earth – ‘Meeting the You, You Could Have Become’ Before You Die.’

I think I typed that right, Basically saying that when your on your death bed, the version of you shows up hat you could have become if you took action, followed your dreams, had all the answers instead of saying ‘What If.’

How F*cking Scary is that.

I think that is my current biggest Fear, That or a similar situation of a more successful me from a parallel universe shows up through a portal (Cheer’s Rick & Morty.

It’s a scary thought. Especially since I’ve spent the last 12 months trying to become the ultimate version of myself – I’m still a million miles off.

But the thought that there’s another version of me that instead of buying another book he took action on the first book he read and started seeing results, Instead of buying a book and putting it on the shelf (Shelf Improvement) He read it straight away.

He didn’t wait for the next course & then the course after that & then still decided he wasn’t ready and just one more course might be the answer.

What’s got me thinking like this today?

Like I said the past year I’ve improved massively with my mindset & health plus starting to take a little action on business ideas.. I’m loving the process.


After watching a Gary Vaynerchuk video on youtube and he said something along the lines of there’s only so much books you can read, youtube motivational videos you can watch, courses you can go to before you have to take action.

The past year I’ve read books on business, mindset, Property Investment, Investments in general, How to start business with no money ect,

I’ve watched property investment webinars, Been to a property investment fast track day & i’m currently sat in a Hotel in Manchester because im on a three day Property Course.

Not too mention I’ve just bought 5 more books (From the event yeah they did a bundle deal and I was Sold) plus im off to London on another Property Investment course in 2 Weeks (I paid for this one though so technically it’s an investment.)

Reflecting back on the year I’ve learnt so much yet taken so little action. I’m proud of how far I’ve come but I could be even further if I just took a little action.

I thought my confidence has improved but Networking today I found myself playing on my phone and waiting for people to approach me, Making excuses like i’m tired because I had to travel in.

I’m glad I caught myself acting like the little Bitch I was when I was self employed you know the reason I went Broke >> Read about It HERE 

It made me realise I’ve still got a lot of work to do, But this weekend I’m in the Deep End I’ve got no choice but to swim with the sharks.

Nothing good ever happens in the comfort zone, Apart from you can hide from reality, You can dream about the life you want whilst hiding from the work you have to put in to get it.

Or You Can Hustle.

You Can Hide or You Can Hustle

Today I hid behind my excuses caught my self and socialised with a few people.

Just a few though not nearly enough to warrant myself a job well done or too meet a potential Joint Venture Partner or potential investor.

What if the Earth 2 version of me met a life changing investor today or a JV Partner, What if He wasn’t even their because he took action from a webinar.

What knowledge are you sitting on, Could you of taken action on something but haven’t?




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