Who’s It Really Benefiting

At the time of writing i’m less than a week away from attending a three day intensive property course, It’s an investment that I couldn’t really afford, In fact I remember on the free one day event when they did the initial pitch I almost threw up (I was actually sick that day but not because of that.)

I had heard about this course and the only reason I made the trek down to London on an overnight coach was to invest in this course, Now being a event rookie I didn’t know that they always pitch a higher price before the event price and thank god they did, Otherwise I was going home empty handed.

I still couldn’t afford it but could I afford not to invest? Stay in the same job working nights and trading time for money for the rest of my life..

Fuck that, I was investing.

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What If?

The Definition of Hell on Earth – ‘Meeting the You, You Could Have Become’ Before You Die.’

I think I typed that right, Basically saying that when your on your death bed, the version of you shows up hat you could have become if you took action, followed your dreams, had all the answers instead of saying ‘What If.’

How F*cking Scary is that.

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