Simple Success.. F*ck Convenience

Simple Success Swinging Singles.

A post I wrote in Back in September for the Titan Community

When my car broke down, cost me over a grand to fix, Working 50+ hour nights & had to get the train to the gym..

Reflecting back on the past couple of weeks, They’ve been bloody tough both physically and mentally.. Getting to work was a long commute with a car without one just took the piss, 4 hours on 3 busses – No thank’s, Luckily I managed to get lifts,

Getting to the gym was nearly as bad (That’s a 40 minute drive alone)

My Motivation dropped  those couple of week’s my Stress levels increased – The last thing I wanted to do was catch a couple of busses and a train, just to workout, let alone do the workout.

I was sleep deprived from work, Therefore Recovery was compromised, and Did I feel like meal prepping – Absolutely F*cking Not, so my nutrition was effected too

I could of easily text Tiarnan (My Coach) saying dude I can’t make it this week or the next and just sat around feeling sorry for myself, Blaming the situation, Blaming the car garage, making excuses that I had no way of getting their..

But I didn’t (I wanted to though So So Bad).. I found a temporary solution to my problem.

I’m Just Saying If You Know What You Really Want and Have Your Goals Clearly Defined Then The Amount of Effort Required to Take Action is Far Less Intense Than The Guilt You Would Feel For Not Doing.

Why – ‘Simple Success Swinging Singles

It’s a baseball analogy (I stole From Garret J White) where you have two baseball players ones hitting singles and getting a point on the board each hit and the others trying to hit a home run each time, The single pointer is calm and relaxed because he’s only only aiming for a single and he hits comfortably and over time he’s racked up the points.

Whereas the home runner doesn’t get the home run every time in result he gets stressed puts himself under pressure and overtime he’s only hit 1 home run and got 6 points compared to the relaxed single pointer whose actions are giving him 1 point with each swing. (That’s kinda hard to explain on here but you get the point Right?)

Anyway so Those single actions daily (Bus, Train ect) led me one step closer to my goal and because of those single actions i’m 2 weeks stronger, Where as if I Threw in the towel and like I said I wanted to, I would have fallen into a very low mood state, transferred all my savings account over to my current account bought some shit i didn’t need just to make me feel better and spent this week trying to hit a home run and catch up on points.

Now i’m not posting this to brag about how much effort i put in just to train and what not because yano who gives a shit,

I’m just saying if you know what you really want and have your goals clearly defined then the amount of effort required to take action is far less intense than the guilt you would feel for not doing.

Another quote from the man –

“If The Only Time You Decide to Take Action is When You Feel Like it, Then Your Problem Becomes This…a Hollow Life That’s Weak and Limited.” – Garret. J. White.


How can this relate back to you?

You pushed yourself in the gym one day ‘thought shit that was hard’ you wake up the next like nahh don’t feel like it  today make up an excuse and miss the next two sessions, then you go back to the gym and wonder why its not getting any easier or why you don’t look any different then you quit because you don’t feel like going anymore


You pushed yourself in the gym one day ‘thought shit that was hard’ you wake up the next like nahh don’t feel like it  today but im gonna any way give it my best the next week you’re like ohh I can lift a little bit more a couple of weeks later your like is that a vein popping out of bicep and you start to feel fantastic because you can see progress and you feel better because you stuck at it even though you didn’t feel like it.

Fuck Motivation – Fuck Convenience

There’s never going to be a time when it’s going be 100% convenient for you, Life’s Going to Happen, Things are Going to Get Hard.. Do or Don’t – That’s down to you,

There might be times when your 100% motivated but motivation’s like that one friend who Hypes You Up for the Big Night Out, So you buy a new outfit, New Makeup, jewellery – whatever it’s all you talk about

Then the day comes and Their like nahh don’t feel like it

Motivations a D*ck If your relying on it you ain’t going far..

In Health, Wealth or Relationships shit’s going to get hard

Get off the Sofa and get comfortable with the uncomfortable, Or you’ll just end up wasting time going nowhere or worse backwards

Strive For Progress Not Perfection



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