The Fear of Losing

The Fear of Losing Trumps The Excitement of Winning – Gary Veynerchuk

Hit me like a ton of bricks what Gary V said at the start of one of his Youtube videos,

I talk about fear a lot because it was a Huge contributor to how I lived, I went broke because of the Fear of rejection, I pretend I was someone I wasn’t to fit in with people I didn’t like because of the Fear of being alone,

Shit I almost didn’t even start this blog because of the Fear of peoples comment’s, Like why’s he talking about Health, Wealth and Relationships – He’s been broke more times than anyone, He’s single As F*ck & I’m pretty sure he was hoked on energy drinks not so long ago.

Well the vision of this blog was that I was going to start it when I had passive income generated from multiple business, When I was living the dream..

Then I asked my self – Why Fucking Wait, Why you putting this off, It was like saying I’ll start the gym on Monday the 1st of July 2021 .. It made no sense to wait,

I love writing, My journey’s already started & I’m only going to get better at it. If no one reads it then thats cool, If people read it and they like it bonus, and if they don’t like it and hate it – Well what the hell are they doing to reach the stars, live the dream,

Buying a lottery ticket? Waiting for the right opportunity? Waiting for a handout?

When I talk about the future mainly to my Strength & Conditioning Coach Because we share the same vision, I get butterfly’s in my stomach it’s exciting, Am I scared yes but the excitement far out way’s the Fear.

Why People Are Scared Of Failing

But I let the Fear of rejection – The Fear of Losing control me & I Lost Anyway

We’ve been conditioned to believe that failing is bad,

Straight from the get go were told to do well in school that we NEED good grades, To get to college,

When were lagging behind we get punished for it, ‘Hey your sons not doing to well in class so were going to give him extra studying at home to improve’ you get pulled into extra classes after school.

You go to college because thats the next move right more good grades to get into Uni if you don’t get good college grades then you wont get into uni & employers won’t want you.

More Stress, More Pressure, More You Feel the Fear of Failure

The same goes for Uni.

Your told to work on the side to get experience – So once again you can get a good job

Work your ass off so you can have a Good Retirement.

Were made to believe that Losing is Bad it’s conditioned in us from a young age –

I heard that some schools or junior football teams don’t Play for winning anymore they Play for fun because they don’t want kids to feel bad

Well Good Luck When their in the Real World And They are like £50,000 in debt from uni and their told that they can’t get a job because their not experienced enough – Howwa bout that for your first loss

Just Go – Embrace The Loss

The Biggest Risk…

Is Not Taking One  

My entire adult life has been a big what if – So was my teen life actually

What if I asked that girl out – What if I never quit Boxing.

When I was standing around not talking to potential clients in the gym, I was waiting for someone to approach me – I went broke, What If I approached that person invited them for a consultation, The loss would of been them saying No but the win could of been huge..

But I let the Fear of rejection – The Fear of Losing control me & I Lost

Surprise – Surprise 

I embrace that loss now, I’ve learnt from it. I embrace all losses now, I learn and move on.

In the gym when going for a new P.R I’m scared. especially if the last set was hard and near failure, Im tired and fatigued – I attempt anyway & If I hit I win, If I miss I still win Im mentally stronger for the attempt when I wanted to say no & I’ve got a new target to hit.

I’ve failed so much in life that no one expects me to succeed

I tell my mum my ideas and plans and she’s like ‘Oh right’ ‘Yeah sure then’

She thinks i’m full of shit & I can’t blame her tbh but I can’t wait for the Day I drop a set of key’s in her hand & be like ‘its for your new house’

Whatever it is Your Scared of Losing At – Do It Anyway

When I wanted to get back into training again, I was scared, I was scared of flaring up my shoulder injury again, I was scared of walking back into a gym because my confidence was so shot – It took me three months to message my coach to see if he had sessions free

Now were discussing the Idea of competing next year.

When my coach asked me to write for him I was scared to submit my work to him just in case he hated it – He doesn’t he loves em

Which has opened up more opportunity’s – I got to help out coaching his group’s & theirs future opportunity their too

Stop Waiting around for the Lottery numbers to come in and get started – Aim for the stars – If you miss you might just reach the sky.

What I do know is that the guilt of not doing something that could make a difference will eat you alive –

You have an obligation to live the best life possible, For Yourself, For Your Family, To Give Back To World 

Lets not live in regret, Let’s not sit at the start of the tunnel wear its light and we feel comfortable, Lets embrace the darkness & get to the other side.


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