Lesson’s In Business Failure Pt 2.

In Part 1 I talked about how I went broke because I didn’t adapt to change and let my fears control my action’s which ultimately left me broke and the lessons I leaned from those, If you’ve not read that yet you can Read it Here.

After I went broke and left LSF (Lifestyle Fitness) I was offered two job’s

  1. A Sales Agent in a Call Centre
  2. Fitness Instructor

The sales agent had better pay and bonuses, The fitness instructor was just basic wage.

I chose the Fitness instructor role. It felt like I hadn’t completely given up on my dream and therefore I hadn’t completely failed and was a chance to reboot my business.

Easthams Personal Training 2.0.

There wasn’t as much stress now because I was getting a wage now and therefore was not desperate for a paying client.

At first though I wasn’t aloud to PT, I was only aloud to fitness instruct (Couch Cough – Clean the gym and Sit at reception) Thats what it felt like anyway.

That was cool as the gym was brand new and it wasn’t that busy anyway, So I did my hours and left.

It gave me loads of time to study (Marketing this time) As well as other stuff mainly nutrition. I signed up for Elite Fitness Mentoring & Paul Mort’s Marketing Muscle Inner Circle (A £99 Newsletter) I couldn’t really afford it especially when I decided to move in with my now ex Girlfriend (I’ll talk about how I neglected her for Work in a later article)  

Once again like in Part 1 I decided to invest in a website & a course.

But this time I had learnt slightly- The website Had to be a lead generating site. The main purpose was to get people to subscribe to my mailing list and that was it, Then the emails do the selling.

Great but what I tried to do was impersonate Paul Morts style of writing, I wouldn’t spell check my work (because he didn’t) I would actively swear (because he did) and right in his style of writing as well because he was successful

Bear in mind he’s world famous & New his Target Market

I didn’t, I didn’t have a clear target I would try and Target Female’s in Business one week then try males in their 40’s the next.

I would try targeting people who didn’t want to count calories sometimes the the total opposite and try and hit the flexible dieting crowed the next.

I didn’t have a clear market and therefore no decent leads in my email list, I was impersonating someones else’s style which didn’t work because its not me or my market.

Not only that I was trying to sell a premium price and as you can tell I didn’t have a premium service or a service at all tbh.

So when I was talking to people who were asking about PT I was like yeah I charge this (Think it was £45-£50) Per hour – Yeah they lost interest straight away.

Even on the off chance they did sign up they would of asked for their money back because I would of been all over the place with their ‘program’.

Also like in Part 1 I was making excuse as to why people wouldn’t sign up with me, because ‘we were in a budget gym people don’t come here for pt and they certainly wont pay my price’.

Yeah I hadn’t learnt my lessons yet.

Your firing without aiming and hoping something sticks – You might get lucky and hit the target once in a while

Lessons from Business School PT 2

Lesson 1 – Have a Quality Product

I didn’t have a product, I was just winging programs, If I had sat down and created a fat loss program or a nutrition coaching program And specialised in that I could probably of sold some at a higher price than what other PT’s was selling but I didn’t one week I was trying this & the next trying that.  I was telling one person this and the next something else. Know matter what industry your in know your product and specialise in it.

Lesson 2  – Know Your Market 

Once you have your product you need to know who it’s aimed at. It doesn’t matter whether you sell T-shirts or luxury candles, Personal Training or Sport Massage, If you don’t know your market you cannot market efficiently. Imagine trying to sell a skateboard to a bodybuilder who has no interest in skateboarding what so ever or a candle to a 15 year old motor head (The odd one might buy one but its unlikely)

If you don’t know your market you can’t speak to your market, Your firing without aiming and hoping something sticks – You might get lucky and hit the target once in a while.

Lesson 3 Don’t impersonate another person or Brand

You might get inspired from another person or company and see something that’s working for them and you might want to try it but if you don’t have the same market or that style does not suite your style then it isn’t going to work, Your going to look stupid like I did.

Know Your Product, Know Your Market – Be Yourself


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